Your Guide to a Fall Weekend Getaway

By now, we all know that fall is a magical time. It’s just nippy enough to warrant constantly being wrapped up in the coziest clothes. There’s an electric buzz in anticipation of the holidays creeping up. And can we just talk about all the fall foliage and what it’s doing for our Insta games?! With so much good stuff going on, it’s easy to catch the travel bug around this time of year. But the pre-holiday race to the finish line tends to limit the extended time off needed to indulge the bug. That’s why I’m a big fan of three day weekend getaways! You’d be surprised at how far you can go and how much you can do in the span of a weekend. And the best part? It only costs you one PTO day (or zero if you plan strategically enough 😉).

A couple of weekends ago a few friends and I decided to quell our travel bugs and embark on a three day weekend adventure to Newport, Rhode Island. None of us had ever been before, and to be quite honest, we had pretty low expectations...I mean, Rhode Island is a little random 🤷‍♀️. We were shooting for a location that was a close enough drive and that we wouldn’t have otherwise ever gone to. Little did we know that Newport is the perfect quick getaway this time of year!

Home to some of America’s wealthiest and most elite during the Gilded Age and after, Newport has held its magic as a New England summer home resort. But the beautiful town is worth visiting all year round, not just during the summer! First things first, you have to check out the Newport Mansions. These extravagant homes (although the word home doesn’t do these cribs justice) once belonged to some of those super wealthy people I just mentioned. The King and Griswold families of New York, and later the Vanderbilts, were just a few to have extravagant properties in Newport.

These properties are now owned by the Newport Preservation Society, and have become major tourist attractions...with MAJOR photo opps. My friends and I went to the Breakers Mansion and the Rosecliff Mansion and we were blown away! My pro-tip? If you want to feel regal as you walk through, throw one of your Silk Tees, your Fiorella Midi Skirt, and your Lightweight Trench Coat. Add some cute booties and jewelry and you’ll fit right in! 

After a swanky day strolling through mansions, you’ll want to hit up
Thames Street. With plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants, you’re guaranteed a good time. I’d recommend Bar and Board Bistro for dinner 🤤. 

Before you leave Newport, you must take a walk on the Cliff Walk. Hear me out, it’s a lot safer that it sounds! The Cliff Walk is a 3.5-mile public access walkway that borders the shore line of Newport and even winds past some of the famous mansions! It’s picturesque and serene...and you’ll definitely get your steps in! If you go this time of year, you’ll need to bundle up, so I’d suggest your Oversized Knit Pullover Sweater, your Slouchy Silk Pants, a buttery soft Cashmere Poncho, and a pair of comfy sneakers!


There you have it, your fall weekend getaway guide...New England style! Have you ever been to Newport? What did you think?! Otherwise, let us know your favorite fall weekend getaway spot by commenting below!

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