Your 3 Go-To April Accessories

April showers bring May flowers…and confusion about what the hell to wear

Good news folks: we’ve made it to April. I repeat, we’ve made it to April! This means warmer weather and brighter days are on their way. And as the weather begins to change, we’re often left in an awkward limbo phase of transitional wear. During April, you might decide to ditch the jacket and end up shivering because shouldn’t it be warm already?! Or you might play it a little safe and find yourself sweating bullets. It’s a time of fashion turmoil to put it gently. So if you’re at a loss when it comes to the type of clothing you should wear, that means it’s time to buckle down on your accessories game. There a few accessories that will go seamlessly with your ever-changing April wardrobe…and no, I’m not talking about a raincoat!
1. Newsboy cap
Oh boy has this trend really taken off! As we know, fashion is cyclical, so this isn’t the newsboy cap’s first time around the block. Back in the 19th century it was particularly popular among working boys (hence the name newsboy cap).  Perhaps, even in a subconscious way, the newsboy cap speaks to the spirit of women’s empowerment, in the same way that Coco Chanel’s pantsuits did. Women wearing a more traditionally masculine garment has always made for a major fashion statement!

Picture via @chiaraferragni

To get your feet wet with this trend, I suggest first investing in a simple black cap – perfect to pair with some booties or open toed mules. If you’re feeling a little dicey, you can hunt around for a cap with some color or bling to really own it! In either case, Anjè’s got you covered. Anyone else think that The Charli Leather Suspender Shorts are just begging for a newsboy cap?

2. Neck Scarf
On the contrary, if you’re looking for a more feminine twist to your April aesthetic, a chic neck scarf is the way to go!  Nothing adds a little excitement to a look than this super easy accessory! Just think of it as an upgraded, more sophisticated version of the choker 😉. Neck scarves have been popping everywhere since 2015, but have are really starting to grow in variety as people incorporate them into their looks more regularly (mixing prints with a neck scarf is my latest personal fixation). But seriously, picture this: a cute neck scarf to soften up our Classic Leather Jacket, paired with some comfy flats. Did someone say spring style? Pro-tip: maximize the utility of your neck scarf by tying it to the side of your bag!

Image via @sincerelyjules

3. A Smile!
Aaawww alright, alright I know I generally try to not be too cheesy, but this is an important one! It’s very necessary for shaking off the dust of the winter. In fact, studies have found that smiling actually influences how attractive you’re perceived to be. I guess we can say that this accessory is a must-have not just in April, but all year round!


These accessories, plus a little Anjé will be sure to make for a very stylish April. We dare you to show us how you style any of these accessories with your Anjé - share with us @anjeclothing !

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