Your 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Okay people, the holiday season is officially upon us, and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably scrambling to get everyone gifts right about now. With Hanukah starting today, just two weeks until Christmas, and plenty of holiday parties in between, there are tons of presents to buy! Think of all the people in your life who deserve a little something special – it’s probably a pretty long list (a blessing, but also a curse when it comes to gift giving in a time crunch!). Don’t fret, the season of giving doesn’t also have to be the season of stressing. I’ve compiled a few gift ideas that will be sure to spread some holiday cheer!
1. Ruby Lane Watch
Because we all need to know what time it is, am I right? Why shouldn’t your loved ones be punctual and polished? Ruby Lane watches are the perfect timepieces to do just that! With changeable straps, and variety of colors and collections to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding a watch that fits the personality you’re shopping for!
2. Vash Bag

You can’t go wrong with accessories! Every girl gets giddy when she has a new bag to sport. Vash Bags are ridiculously chic, and come in a wide range of styles from classic clutches to satchels and shoulder bags. Guaranteed to delight any fashionista in your life, all the bags are made with superior leather craftmanship and sustainable resources (woohoo!).

3. Brooklinen Bedding
No one ever thinks to get people bedding, but let me tell you, it’s the practical gift that keeps on giving! Brooklinen is the go-to place for quality, affordable sheets, comforters, and pillows. Not to mention that they also have super cozy throw blankets, which are the absolute perfect grab bag gift, in my opinion!

4. Wander Beauty Lipstick
There’s nothing like a good ol’ pop of color on the lips! Made cruelty free, Wander Beauty Lipstick is a fantastic gift the beauty guru you know and love. There are a bunch of splendid shades to choose from, including one called, “Girl Boss”… seems pretty fitting, no? Pick up a few of these luxury lipsticks at Sephora, or order online!

5. Anjé Anything
No gift guide would be complete without a little Anjé. The best part about giving someone the gift of Anjé is that since our clothing is classic, your loved one will be able to wear her gift for years to come. In fact, the gift will most likely become a staple piece in her wardrobe, one that’ll make her think of you every time she puts it on (are feeling all warm and fuzzy yet?).


Hey! Hey you! Did you see anything you liked? You deserve a gift too … don’t forget to treat yourself amidst your running around 😊.


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