Working From Home? Here’s How to Not Feel Like a Hermit

These days, it’s not uncommon for us to be finding ourselves working from home for extended periods of time. Between the gig economy popularizing remote work and pesky pandemics causing us to keep our social distance, work from home is as prevalent as ever. And it’s convenient…to a certain extent. No commute, no need to get all dolled up, and ultimately much more comfort. But that comfort comes with its tradeoffs. With no boundaries between work and play, limited social interaction, and your daily routines thrown to the wayside, it’s easy to feel like a sack of lard by the end of the day…for lack of better words. So how do you WFH without feeling like an unproductive hermit? Check out our top tips…

Pick a specific area as your home office space
Get out of your bed. I repeat, get out of your bed! You don’t have to have a home office to create an office workspace at your place. Designate one area to be your work area. It could be your kitchen table, your sofa and coffee table, or even your terrace (if you should be so lucky to have one). Regardless, make sure you place some distinction between work space and leisure space.

2. Get dressed…or at least put on a bra
I’m not saying you have to throw on your booties and statement necklace. But at least put on bra and some comfy house clothes! Getting ready in the morning, even if it’s not to your normal degree, can help you feel a lot more productive and get into a “working mindset”. Need some stylish, yet cozy pieces? Try our Slouchy Silk Pant, Elbow Pad Sweater, or Oversize Knit Pullover Sweater!

3. Overcommunicate
When everyone’s working remotely, it’s common to feel disconnected and for the communication to wane. During this time, it’s important that you amp up your virtual interaction. Think that email doesn’t warrant a response? Send one anyway, even if it’s just a thank you. Letting the person on the other side know you’re there and you’re attentive will make all the difference. And in the spirit of overcommunicating, see if you can swap that phone call for a video call!

4. Take a break and eat a real lunch
Last Friday I worked from home and snacked on potato chips all day, which I thought constituted as a meal. No! Going forward I’m taking a defined hour lunch break like I would be in the office. Eating real food and taking a breather is crucial to keeping our sanity while we work from home!

5. Set a stopping time
Since there are no physical boundaries between work and leisure, it’s key that you stick to your core hours and avoid getting sucked into a black hole of emails through the wee hours of the night. You’re ambitious, we know, but set some boundaries for yourself! Spend your downtime doing something that gets your mind off of work…anyone else down to binge watch Love Is Blind?


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What are some of your WFH tips and tricks? Let us know by commenting below! 

Hoping you’re all stay happy and healthy – xoxo.

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