Where We Should Really Be Looking for the Latest Fashion Trends

Have you ever wondered where the hell fashion trends come from? They seem to emerge from nowhere, and take our lives overnight. Now let me clarify, the more ridiculous and short-lived trends are known as fads (I’m looking at you, sneaker wedges). But trends usually last a few seasons, and are notorious for being cyclic. In other words, fashion trends come in and out of style, which is why you should be thanking your grandma for hoarding her clothes all of these years!

Fashion trends almost always come from aspects of our culture, not just from pre-existing clothing. What you see coming down the runway of a fashion show is a display of the synthesis of trends from the fashion world, but also from the world as a whole, as fashion generally reflects the zeitgeist of society. There are people called trend forecasters, and even companies (like WGSN) that are devoted to aggregating information about current culture (like film, music, politics, people’s attitudes, environmental issues, societal issues, etc.) and then translating it all into predictions for fashion trends to come. These predictions can be about anything from color to silhouette, and so on. The scary part is, they’re usually right! So what is the aspect of our culture that fashion forecasters really have their eyes on? TECHNOLOGY. Here are a few examples of how technology is influencing the fashion industry and future trends.

3D printing

Okay, if you’re a little confused about how 3D printing works, you’re not alone…when I first heard of the concept, I thought I’d been transported to the Twilight Zone. 3D printing, however, is revolutionizing how everything is produced because we can now digitally design a structure, and have it be 3D printed to the exact dimensions that it was designed to be. Believe it or not, people are already designing garments on their computers, downloading them, and then printing them out in their own homes! Check out this Ted Talk if you want your mind blown. With this 3D printing technology, it’s completely plausible that we’ll all be downloading our clothing and printing it out to wear the same day. The technology not only has the potential to influence what we wear, but how we shop for our clothing; it might become the new online shopping!

Sustainability technology

Sustainability is becoming huge within the fashion industry! Many companies are starting initiatives and finding ways to cut down waste in order to save good, old Mother Earth. The technology they’re using to do this is pretty neat, and may very well spark many of the fashion trends to come! For example, bio-fabrics are an up and coming way to reduce clothing related waste! Imagine growing a dress from bacteria in vats of water…seems a little outrageous, no? Well it’s already happening! There are scientists who are perfecting ways to grow fabrics and biologically produced fibers to provide more sustainable material. Dry dying is another technology that cuts down on waste associated with clothing. Instead of dying mass amounts of fabric with water, some companies are dying fabrics dryly to cut down on water waste.  This just goes to show that the way clothing is made is undergoing some serious change!

Wearable technology

If you’re wondering what wearable technology is exactly, let me ask you a question. Can you make calls from the watch you’re wearing right now? The Apple Watch is the perfect example of wearable technology! Or what about those super-techy virtual reality goggles? Wearable technology is already infiltrating into our culture, and is most definitely here to stay. Technology isn’t just meshing with accessories though, it’s becoming a part of our clothing. Many athletic wear companies like Adidas have already started capitalizing on the trend! There are soccer jerseys with technology that monitors your heart rate, distance, speed and acceleration. It’s only a matter of time before this kind of technology becomes mainstream, which can bring on a merging of fashion and health. Imagine that in the future, your blouse will be able to detect if you’re having a heart-attack, and then call an ambulance for you. The possibilities are endless as technology quickly advances and is adopted in our culture!

Here at Anjé, our clothing transcends the fleeting nature of trends. Our clothing won’t go out of style easily like more trendy clothing will because our pieces are classic (yeah, we’re pretty cool). Nevertheless, understanding fashion trends and forecasting is vitally important for any fashion company, and for any fashionable person like you! For more info about the future of fashion, check out the film The Next Black. Until next time, don’t blow up your kitchen trying to grow your own dress!

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