We Wish You a Merry Christmas! 🎄

SOS! Our phones must all be malfunctioning, and the apocalypse must be upon us! There’s no way today is December 24th! How on earth is it Christmas Eve?! It can’t be real – hold on, let me do a little investigating…
5 jolly minutes later
Okay, I’ve consulted with the group of carolers at my door and it is indeed Christmas Eve!!!

Here at Anjé, we’ve been rockin around the Christmas tree this whole month in hopes of spreading some cheer! Need a few last-minute gift ideas? We’ve got you covered. Don’t know what to wear? Look no further. At this point, we just need to trust that we’re all set for Santa’s annual return. But that’s not to say we don’t realize all the stress and exhaustion you’ve endured to make sure Christmas will be special for all of your loved ones. Now, it’s important to focus on the fun and remember what this holiday is truly about – it’s okay if the presents aren’t wrapped perfectly and if you burned the ham a little. Making memories with your loved ones is the name of the game, and in the spirit of that sentiment, we’ve put together our Christmas 2019 Bucket List! 


  1. Watch a Christmas Story 👓
  2. Try every single Christmas Snapchat filter with grandma 👵
  3. Whip up a mean eggnog cocktail 🍸
  4. Bamboozle your aunt and uncle with a surprise mistletoe attack 💋
  5. Facetime an out of town friend or family member to check in on their festivities 📞
  6. Have everyone ask where you got your outfit…and tell them Anjé of course 😉
  7. Eat one of each dessert item 🍪
  8. Proceed to be reassured that you definitely won best dessert yet again 🏆
  9. Make mom cry when she opens your present 🎁😭
  10. Pass out on the couch snuggled up in your Christmas sweater, full belly and heart 😴


 What’s on your Christmas 2019 Bucket List? Let us know by commenting below!


Now that we’ve got you pumped up for the big day, we want to take a second to express how grateful we are to have all of you incredible subscribers and followers. Your support as we grow is a gift that keeps giving long after the holiday season passes! We can’t wait to see where 2020 will take us! Cheers! 🎅🥂

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