We’ve Got Your New Go-To Masks!

Keeping classy and clever in COVID time
By now, we all know what it’s like to wear a face mask outside. The first few times you wore it out in public, you probably felt way out of your element and a little self-conscious. Am I wearing this right? Are people staring at me because they’re craving literally any kind of social interaction, or because I look weird? Yup, we feel you. But at this point, you’ve likely grown pretty accustomed to wearing your mask while you’re out.
Sure, we can dwell on the days when wearing a face mask just meant you had a bougie blend of avocado, eucalyptus, and essential oils marinating on your face for a relaxing wine night…but times have changed! And who knows what the future holds. Masks could become so integrated into our daily routines that putting one on will be second nature. Like putting on our underwear 😉.

In the spirit of embracing the new normal, and doing it with witty style, we’ve designed an array of masks to keep you classy and comfortable for the foreseeable future! With elastic straps that secure behind the ears, our masks are machine washable and made of a primary cotton blend. We recommend washing them upon receiving, and before wearing. For extended life, you can hand wash them with warm, soapy water and air dry. 

The best part about our masks is that a percentage of the profit made on every mask goes towards the purchase of surgical masks for local hospitals and frontline heroes! Not too shabby! Now let’s take a look at our masks with some attitude, shall we?

We have everything from a sweet and simple SMILE mask to the ever punny NO-VID mask. SURVIVOR is for our fighters out there, for all kinds of survivors, we are always with you. Our QUARANTINE QUEEN mask was made with our divas in mind and is also available in a QUARANTINE KING design! SPREAD LOVE NOT COVID and MASK UP are two more solid choices, but our CAROL MASKIN’ design really might be a game changer…


These masks will go quick, so be sure to place your order ASAP! And let us know which design is your favorite by commenting below! 

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