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This year, I’m sure we’ve all oscillated between periods of wanting to feel somewhat put together and periods where we bum it so hard for so long that we’re concerned for ourselves. As we find the happy medium between comfort and…hygiene…there are certain small details that can really make a difference in how we feel. I don’t know about you, but having my nails done makes me feel a lot more like a human. It’s worth the time, especially if you’re Italian and talk with your hands on Zoom calls 😉. Whether you’re doing a DIY job or getting your nails done professionally, here are the hottest nail colors of the season!
 1. Milk Chocolate
This mid-tone brown pays homage to the 70s when the color was in its prime. The warm hue is sweetly reminiscent of nights spent curled up with hot cocoa and cozy sweaters. It’s still a neutral though, so you can wear it effortlessly with almost any outfit! Check out Essie’s “Truth or Bare” shade.

2. Deep Teal
With a rich moody tone, deep teal is a must this fall! Take a look at Essie’s “In Plane View.” This shade will pop against your Anjé Double Breasted Belted Trench Coat 😌.

 3. Burnt Orange
Nothing screams fall more than the leaves changing, so why not match with your manicure! Essie’s “Yes I Canyon” is the perfect, sophisticated hue to do the job. It pairs especially well with our Boho Floral Dress.

 4. Olive Green
This shade of green is truly versatile, not to mention it’ll be a powerful reminder of a nice fall harvest! Try Essie’s “Heart of the Jungle” polish and fall in love with your green fingertips!

5. Mauve
Fun fact, this is the color I wear on my toes almost all year round! But it certainly deserves some limelight on your fingers in the fall! Give Essie’s “Not What it Seams” a try - it’ll provide the perfect pop of color while you wear your Anjé Open Back Leopard Sweater 🙌.

What is your go-to nail color for fall? Let us know by commenting below!
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