Trending Haircuts and Styles for 2021

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As we make our way through December, the long awaited 2021 is well within reach. But we can’t deny that 2020 has been a big year for taking risks with our haircuts and hair styling! We’ve all gotten a little adventurous since most of our interactions have only been over video calls. Yes, COVID has had a very interesting impact on fashion. Adopting a comfort first mentality, many people are only dressing for their daily Zoom calls. The most important pieces of our look each day? Our Zoom shirt, our makeup, maybe a nice earring or necklace, and our HAIR! So what are the trending haircuts and styles for 2021? Read on…you might wig out 😉.
 1. 70’s bangs
If you’re on the fence about trying out bangs, this is a good look to get you warmed up. This 70’s look entails curtain bangs that sweep to both sides. Easy breezy and a fun way to shake up your style! You might’ve already seen celebs like Hilary Duff , Selena Gomez, and Matilda Djerf rocking the look.

2. The backwards lob
Short hair has been having a moment and it’s sure to extend into 2021! A popular cut will be the backwards lob. Where the back is shorter and the front is longer, hitting at your collarbone. It’s a great cut if you want to try out a shorter look with less risk! Yours truly has also been donning this one for a few months now, so I can personally vouch for it 😌.

3. Face framing color strips
You may want to channel your inner e-girl next year, because this look has been huge! Face frame coloring is when you take two strips of your front hair and dye them a different color. It could just be bleach blond or it could be a bold neon. Even TikTok star, Charli D’Amelio, has been sporting the look…

4. Buzzcut baby!
This one is a true POWER MOVE! If you’re brave enough, definitely go for it. Halsey, Ruby Rose, and Tiffany Haddish have all made the cut! Check out this Brad Mondo video for more inspiration.

5. Super wavy
This is one I’m looking forward to trying! I’ve always curled my hair with a wand, but I’ve never done it with a proper waver tool. The result is a glamorous wave that’ll be sure to amp up your Zoom call look in 2021! There are a few companies selling a true wave wand – Bondi Boost, Mermade Hair, and Bed Head are just a few!


Which 2021 hair trend are you itching to try?! Let us know by commenting below! 

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