Top Spots to Do Work in NYC When You’re Sick of Sitting in Coffee Shops

There’s no question that the work environment has drastically changed in the last 10-20 years. From the way we dress to the way offices are laid out, corporate America has become more and more flexible and relaxed. Remember when it was appalling for a woman to wear anything but a pencil skirt and pumps to the office 🙄? Or when tattoos had to be covered up? And don’t get me started on the open office concept that companies have slowly, but surely adopted over the years. These days some employees don’t even have assigned desks! Not to mentioned that 20 years ago, people wouldn’t even dream of having kombucha on tap or taking breaks to play fuse ball in the office.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of companies that require formal attire and are subject to a more traditional cubicle like layout, but we can’t deny the ever-evolving nature of work. Among these changes to the working world, the shift to more remote work and the gig economy has a been major. With a more flexible workplace, some employees have arrangements to work from home on a regular basis. And now more than ever, a good portion of the labor force participates in the gig economy, characterized by organizations contracting with independent workers for short-term engagements. The work can be onsite but is often remote.

 So where do these remote and gig workers go to be productive? Well there’s always the option to stay home and bang things out there, but a lot of people like to separate work and leisure environments. Coffee shops are usually a crowd pleaser for the remote work population, but you can only go to so many! This is a lot coming from me, a self-proclaimed coffee house enthusiast. Sometimes a change of pace is warranted, and in New York City, there’s no shortage of new places to try…it’s just a matter of finding them 😉.

 As a 2018 New York Times article highlights, hotels have begun to turn their lobbies and common areas into WeWork-like gathering places, attracting both guests and locals. In light of this phenomenon, we present to you our top spots to do work in NYC when you’re sick of sitting in coffee shops!

1. Arlo NoMad - 11 E 31st St – Midtown

This chic and cozy hotel bar is a hidden gem amidst the congestion of midtown Manhattan! Enter the lobby and head up the stairs to the bar area and you’ll come across plenty of seating! You could easily spend a few enjoyable hours there on your laptop, and could probably even get away with not even buying a drink!

2. Beekman Hotel - 123 Nassau St - FiDi
If you do your best work in lavish environments, the Beekman Hotel’s Bar Room is the place for you! With a stunning, nine-story Victorian era atrium and comfy plush lounge seating, the Bar Room is truly a sight to see. I’d recommend trying something from their list of handcrafted cocktails or all-day menu if you plan to perch for a while!

3. ACE Hotel - 20 W 29th St – Midtown
The lobby of the ACE is the ideal place to congregate, socialize, work or wind down. With free wifi, loads of 60’s inspired sectional sofas, and super late hours, it’s a freelancers dream!

4. Dream Hotel - 210 W 55th St - Midtown
At The Dream, the first thing you’ll notice when you enter the lobby is a huge floor to ceiling fish tank pillar! You can chill there for a while and enjoy plenty of seating and outlets, no purchase required! Meet friends for drinks next door at the Rickey after you’re done with your work 🥂.

5. WeWork On Demand – 902 Broadway - Flatiron District
Despite WeWork’s failed IPO and subsequent financial troubles, you have to admit the company has mastered the art of ergonomics. As WeWork figures their shit out, they’ve maintained their first “on-demand workspace,” event space, retail shop, and cafe open in the Flatiron District. During the week, you can pay-as-you-go to work in there (even down to the minute!), but on weekends it’s open to everyone as long as an item from the café is bought!


Where are your little nooks to get work done in NYC? Let us in on your top spots by commenting below!

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