Top 5 Nail Styles of the Season

Alright y’all, Memorial Day weekend is quickly approaching and this year you bet everyone’s going to be balling out. This is the official start of the roaring 20s summer. Barbeques, bonfires, and plenty of booze - start getting ready for the festivities coming your way! And naturally, part of the prep is going to be all about the nails. Picture your fresh set cradling a cold marg this weekend...ahhhh *chefs kiss*. Whether you’re going to get them done professionally or you’ve mastered at-home manis, this is the weekend to nail it (hehe)! These days there are a ton of styles out there, so to help you choose a trend we’ve gathered our top 5 favorite summer nail styles. 

1. Fun French 
We’ve been seeing this trend everywhere lately! Spice up the traditional french manicure with some pops of color on the tips. Bonus points for pastels or neons! If you really feel like living on the edge you can paint each nail tip a different color 🌈.

2. Cowhide 
This summer, keep it moooovin with this groovy style. The clear cow print mani utilizes negative space and creates a super interesting visual. Plus it’s a good one to try at home because it’s abstract enough to allow some leeway for any mishaps! 

3. All the Pastels 
Paint them solid or paint them with squiggles...either way, you’ve got to wear all the pastels you can possibly fit onto your nails this summer. Forget about color coordinating, just throw on all the shades you have! 

4. Ombré 
We love a good ombré moment, but a good ombré moment on your nails? Now that’s the level of badass we’re looking for during summer 2021! Go subtle with nude tones or zest it up with more pastels 😉. 

5. Graphics 
This summer is going to be all about maximalist nails. That means it’s time to have some fun with mix and match graphics. We’re talking smiley faces, checkerboards, swirls, and dots galore! The busier, the better! 


Wondering what to wear with your new, electrifying nails? Keep it simple with our classic, seasonless styles...they’ll really make your nails pop! 
Which nail designs will you be rocking this weekend? Let us know by commenting below! 

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