Top 5 Movies to Hype Your Halloween Spirit

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I don’t know about you, but Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays! Think about it –it’s basically the kick-off to the entire holiday season, and the sales on candy tomorrow are going to be ridiculous! So what’s on the agenda for tonight? Besides eating- I, I mean, handing out- candy, I think you can’t go wrong with cuddling up and watching a spooky movie! Here are a few movie options for tonight, along with their scare level (according to me). Scare level = 1 means that movie is pretty doable for anyone, scaredy-cats included, and 5 means “watch at your own risk because I don’t want to be held responsible for any recurring nightmares that may happen as a result”. Take your pick, and enjoy ;)!
1.Hocus Pocus
Scare level = 1

This 1993 classic never gets old! It’s chock full of all the Halloween essentials (witches, zombies, etc.), but will have you chuckling the whole way through. The movie is just so darn endearing! Peep Sarah Jessica Parker as witch sister, Sarah Sanderson.

2. Paranormal Activity
Scare level = 4

So here’s my theory: I think that the scariest thing about horror movies is the suspense, the anticipation that something is going to happen. Paranormal activity capitalizes on the concept of suspense to its fullest! If you want to watch this movie right, you’ve got to have all of the lights off, have a stuffed animal to squeeze, and you have to not cover your eyes the entire time! That’s my challenge for you ;).

3. Rocky Horror Picture Show
Scare level = 2

Alright, this is another mild one in terms of scare level, but that doesn’t mean that this cult classic isn’t utterly bizarre! The songs in this movie might get stuck in your head for days on end because of their catchiness, and the characters are certainly unforgettable. I’m just glad that my doctors aren’t anything like Dr. Frank N. Furter!

4. The Descent 
Scare level = 5

I consider The Descent to be one of the all-time scariest movies I’ve ever seen. The first time I watched it, I actually cried (don’t judge too hard until you’ve seen it, okay?). There’s an eerie mix of pop-outs, claustrophobia, and gore that makes this movie truly terrifying and terrific! It might make you rethink your next adventure through a cave though…

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas
Scare level = 2

Tim Burton never fails to impress! This well-crafted claymation is the perfect transition movie to prep you for the upcoming holiday season! Between the peculiar music, and the unnerving screenplay, the hairs on the back of your neck will definitely be standing the entire time!


There you have it, a variety of freaky films to choose from! Enjoy the rest of this spook-tacular day (hold the eye-roll, this was my only Halloween)!

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