Top 5 Fall Fashion Trends to Sport This Season

As if the excitement for fall wasn’t palpable enough, last week we ran through some fall bucket list items to pump(kin) you up even more 😉. One of those items was rocking the fashion that comes with this wonderful’s arguably one of the best parts of autumn. But if you’re anything like us, you’re probably feeling like your fall wardrobe needs a little reboot. Last fall we were still living in lockdown, so it was all about the sweats game. But now that we can cautiously be out and about again, you might be a little lost when it comes to looking on trend this fall. We’ve got you! Check out our top five fall fashion trends that you’ll definitely be able to pull off! 

1. Doc Martens 
This chunky boot is going to be a fall staple this year! Wear it with jeans and a sweater for a more casual look, or even with a midi skirt for an edgy, but flirty feel! These boots take a while to break in, but they’re beyond durable and so worth the investment. 

2. Casual Blazers
Blazers are essential in any wardrobe, but this fall they’ll be even more versatile than ever! Funky blazers worn with jeans and sneakers will be a VIBE. But there are tons of other ways to dress down your blazers. Function truly meets form when blazers are worn casually, so be sure to stock up as the weather gets colder! 

3. Trousers 
Similar to blazers, trousers used to only be worn in formal work settings. But now they’re in the limelight as a more casual, every day pant. Pair them with a simple tee and sneakers or dress them up with a corset top and heels. Either way, getting yourself a pair of trousers is the move this fall! 

4. Sweater Vests 
Nothing like a 90s trend! This is a more wearable trend than you’d think - you really just need a white button down shirt to wear underneath and you’ll be set. Our recommendation? Don’t drop big bucks on a sweater vest, it's likely a fad that won’t be around in a few falls. 

5. Elevated Sweats 
Although sweats dominated the scene last year, they’re not entirely gone just yet (hopefully never!). This fall, feel free to splurge on some sweat sets in neutral tones or even in saturated hues! Throw on some hoops and your favorite sneakers, then sprinkle a little confidence on top for a chef’s kiss fall look!


Which fall trend are you most excited about?! Let us know by commenting below!

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