Tips to Unlocking Your Confidence

We’ve all been in a slump before…Somewhere along the way we forget how special we are, we spiral into a negative mindset, and our confidence plummets. When our self-confidence is low, it bleeds into everything that we do, and all of the relationships that we have, which ultimately prevents us from operating at our maximum potential. DEBBIE DOWNER ALERT! Okay, okay I’m sorry, but it happens to the best of us! So how can we boost our confidence and keep on conquering the world like we’re meant to? Take a gander at these 5 tips to unlocking your confidence.
1. Fake it 'til you make it 

Our body language influences how other perceive us, but did you know that our body language also influences how we feel about ourselves? This is a process called facial feedback (don’t be fooled, it doesn’t only apply to facial expressions). For example, if you smile even when you’re not happy, the act of smiling, and triggering those facial muscles will evoke the emotion of happiness (bet you’re smiling already). Similarly, when we exhibit body language that signals confidence (like taking up more space, having good posture, etc.), we, in turn, become more confident even if we weren’t feeling that way to begin with. So even if you’re faking it, you’ll be able to feel the confidence you portray. Check out one of our favorite Ted Talks to learn more about how to power pose and boost your confidence, especially before an interview or important conversation!

2. Get moving!
Okay, this one might seem a little obvious and unoriginal, but that’s only because it’s so relevant! Have you ever noticed how good you feel after a kick-ass work out? The reason isn’t only because you can look in the mirror and admire your toned physique (and litter your social media accounts with post-gym selfies…yeah, that’s right, I’m calling you out!). Exercising releases those feel-good chemicals within your brain called endorphins. Exercising also gives us a sense of achievement; it reminds us of our self-worth, and that we’re capable of doing something positive. Any way you can get moving and get that blood pumping is a step in the right direction! 

3. (Self)-talk it out 
All communication starts within the self… so if you tell us that you don’t talk to yourself, YOU’RE LYING! We all do it! This internal dialogue that goes on in our heads is called self-talk. The question is, what are you saying? Are you filling yourself with doubt, or are you your own cheerleader? It’s important to be aware of your self-talk habits so that you can recognize negative, destructive thoughts, and stop them in their tracks. One way to curb these negative thoughts is by reminding yourself of a time when you did something extraordinary, or when you were really proud of yourself. This will help you recreate those positive feelings so that you can give yourself the pep talk you deserve!

4. Play dress up
In last week’s blog, we talked a little about how the way we dress can impact whether or not others take us seriously. Just as putting effort into your appearance can help others take you seriously, it can also help you take yourself seriously, and boost your confidence to no end. We’ve all got that one outfit that we can’t stop checking ourselves out in. Why not have all of your outfits make you feel that way? We’re often so concerned with doing things for others that we feel guilty when we want to spend a little extra time or money on ourselves.  It’s okay to treat yourself to quality clothing that makes you feel great, because when your confidence is up, you’ll be able to tackle everything else you need to do much more efficiently.

5. Know your strengths
Your strengths are not necessarily the strengths of your colleagues or peers, so why compare yourself so harshly to them? You may admire others for their strengths and accomplishments, but you shouldn’t expect yourself to do exactly what they’ve done, or be exactly as they are. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by another person’s achievements, but someone else’s success does not take away from your own. A little healthy comparison here and there isn’t a bad thing, but it’s important that you don’t define yourself by these comparisons. Instead, focus on your unique capabilities and develop ways you can capitalize on them!     

We hope a few of these tips will resonate with you, and that you’ll give them a try! You probably already practice some of these techniques, so kudos to you! But no matter where your confidence level is right now, we could all use a little extra badass in our pockets to save for a rainy day. So keep your heads up, Anjels, and don’t forget to strut your stuff with the confidence you most definitely have within you!

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