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As many of you know (or at least I hope you do), Mother’s Day is less than a week away! So right now is about the time we all start scrambling to try and figure out the perfect ways to shower our moms with praise and affection. Moms work tirelessly day in and day out to empower us and make sure we’re set up for success, so it’s understandable why we feel such pressure to show them our gratitude on Mother’s Day. But how did Mother’s Day come to be a national holiday in the first place? Why I’m glad you asked!

The American embodiment of Mother’s Day was established in 1908 by a woman named Anna Jarvis. She led the movement for Mother’s Day to become an official U.S. holiday after her own mother, a peace activist who cared for wounded soldiers on both sides of the Civil War, passed away. Finally, in 1914, Mother’s Day was proclaimed a national holiday (woohoo!). The plot twist here is that Jarvis actually later denounced the holiday’s commercialization and spent a good part of her latter life trying to rescind the holiday from the calendar! So instead of suggesting gifts for you to frantically order with your beloved Amazon Prime account, I want to take this time to acknowledge some of the most badass moms of our time!

1. JK Rowling
Yes, this mom is a muggle, but I’m convinced she has some kind of magical powers! Before Rowling became the well-known author of the Harry Potter series, she was a struggling single mother living under government welfare. After years of hustling, Harry Potter became a sensation and has allowed Rowling to serve a multitude of philanthropic causes. She’s the president of Gingerbread, an organization that supports single parents and their children, and has stated that she’s prouder of her years as a single mother than of any part of her life. Rowling is the personification of perseverance – a true role model for her children and for all!

2. Michelle Obama
It’s not hard to agree on the fact that Michelle Obama has served as a powerful and positive influence on hundreds and thousands of young girls world-wide, but above all, she has maintained this influence on her two daughters, Sasha and Malia. Besides just being a boss in general, Mrs. Obama has instilled crucial values in her daughters, making sure they washed their dishes and made their own beds during their time in the white house. As an advocate for all children, Mrs. Obama also launched a campaign against childhood obesity in 2010. The “Let’s Move!” campaign aims to combat chronic childhood obesity-related health problems and is just one of the many reasons why Mrs. Obama is an exemplary mamma!

3. Helen Parr (mom from the Incredibles)
Who cares if Helen is a fictional character! She’s still the perfect representation of how to be a badass while juggling the responsibilities and honors of motherhood. Raising three kids while saving the world is no easy feat, but Mrs. Incredible does it effortlessly! Helen Parr really captures the fact that all moms are superheroes, even when they’re not wearing their capes!

4. Leigh Anne Tuohy
If you’ve ever watched The Blind Side, this name will most likely ring a bell. She’s the inspirational matriarch of the family who adopted Michael Oher, an impoverished young high schooler who went on to play for the Baltimore Ravens and become a Super Bowl XLVII Champion. I won’t spoil the movie, which is based on the story of Tuohy taking Michael into her family, but I will say it may require a tissue box or two. Today, Tuohy is an esteemed speaker, sharing her motherly pearls of wisdom with audiences across America, and exemplifying what it means to be good mother.

5. Stacy’s Mom
I mean, she’s got it goin’ on…enough said.
(The song will be stuck in your head for a week – you’re welcome 😉).


Here at Anjé, we’d like to wish all the moms out there (including our own) a very happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for your endless devotion to helping us thrive and always filling this world with a little extra love 💖. 

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