The Half Time Report: Best Amazon Purchases of the Year So Far

Folks, I don’t know how to tell you this, but we are more than half way through 2021! Now pick up your jaw from the floor and keep reading… There’s plenty to look back on and more than ever, A LOT has changed in just these past 6 months - for the better! While we celebrate a successful H1 (first half of the year), we’re dishing out our best Amazon purchases so far! 

1. At home gel manicure kit 
Now that we’re integrating back into society, the state of our nails is important again. But if you’re like me, you can’t fathom paying $40+ for a manicure every few weeks. Enter this at-home gel manicure kit! It’s been a life saver for quick, beautiful nails, at a fraction of the cost! Don’t expect these manis to last more than a week, but it’s absolutely worth it 💅! 

2. Shower speaker
This portable, waterproof, bluetooth speaker has been a true asset for listening to podcasts in the shower, jamming out at the beach, and so much more! The battery life lasts pretty long and the sound quality is great - just make sure your playlists are up to par 😉! 

3. Asymmetrical mirror 
Need a cool mirror, but don’t want to spend an egregious amount of money on one? This is your lucky day! I’ve searched far and wide for an affordable, funky mirror and this one is by far superior to all the rest...go ahead, do a double take at yourself when you walk by 😏. 

4. Neem oil 
If you’re a fellow plant mom, you know the bane of our plant babies’ existence is pesky bugs (think gnats, flies, etc). I came home one day to an infestation of gnats in my palm tree and trust me, it’s an experience I’d like to not repeat! After doing some research, I quickly ordered some neem oil to make an at-home amalgamation that would kill the bugs and save my plant. Now I use it as a preventative measure every week or so, and I’ve been bug-free ever since 🌿! 

5. Bunny tail grass bouquet
Need something to spice up your H&M Home vase ⚱️? This bunny tail grass bouquet is the way to go. Pro-tip, spray it down with a little hairspray so it doesn’t shed!

6. Adidas Women's Grand Court sneakers 
We all know how versatile Adidas sneakers are. The only qualm I have is that I prefer them in white...and they don’t stay that color for long. Regardless of how diligent you are in cleaning them, you’ll eventually need a new pair. The Adidas Women’s Grand Court sneakers are my go-to replacement pair 👟!

7. Accent chair
Although we’re allowed out of the house now, the whole pimp my crib trend is still in full swing. Which is partially why I bought this modern accent chair (in grey). It’s a small, cozy chair, but it adds so much character to my living room 🛋! 


Which Amazon purchases have been your favorite so far this year? Let us know by commenting below! 

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