The Future of Fashion

Do you ever wonder where the latest fashion innovations stem from? How fashion moguls come to be? Everyone has to start somewhere, right? But yet it’s hard to imagine Donatella Versace ever struggling to create successful garments, or Coco Chanel not being sure of her own capabilities. This is why catching young designers and creatives on the precipice of reaching their full potential is such an incredible thing to witness. It’s this type of allure that the Annual Silver Needle Runway Show offers.

What exactly is the Annual Silver Needle Runway Show? It’s a full-scale event presented each year by students of the Marist fashion program as a means to showcase the collections of senior design majors. Students not only design the clothing, but produce the show and all promotional material that goes along with it. Marist College, nestled in the heart of the Hudson River Valley of New York, is home to outstanding talent and several notable alumni such as Alvin Patrick, Ian O’Connor, and Anjè’s very own Angela Brasington to name just a few 😌. Needless to say, we have a vested interest in the show. In fact, last year, Anjé was a sponsor!

The show draws thousands of spectators including those from the press, industry professionals, and Marist community members. This year, the 33rd Annual Silver Needle Runway Show hosted Italian fashion Designer, Francesca Liberatore… and yours truly (as if we even belong in the same sentence together 🤷!). I have to say, I was pretty blown away by the craftsmanship and concepts that manifested in the pieces displayed on the runway. 13 senior design students had their work featured, and below are just a few of my favorite looks from some of their collections!

Designer: Alexis Alexander
Hand dyed prints, non-traditional silhouettes, and inspiration from Japanese culture – the theme for this beautiful collection was adjustability to suit the individual wearer…where can I place my order?

Designer: Joanna Mussachia
This up and coming designer’s collection won the award for Outstanding Concept, highlighting the theme of globalism. The contrasting softer knitwear pieces against structural looks in woven fabrications made for a captivating collection!

Designer: Peggy Chiang
This collection was a breath of fresh air! It featured natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen, wool, or leather, and embodied the meeting points of religion, music and nature.

Designer: Anna Cortese
Taking inspiration from a book of human anatomy, this collection was brimming with fluid garment curves and stunning silhouettes!

Designer: Alexa Wisnieski
Revolving around a 3-dimensional design process and working on the form, this collection was awarded Outstanding Garment for a sleeveless knit turtleneck piece. Five hand-knit pieces were featured in all, including the one pictured above.

Designer: Keshet Levine
Inspired by the Chicago World’s Fair, this collection was rich in silk and detailed embroidery. The designer used bright colors beautifully and boldly to reflect the excitement of the fair.

Designer: Leander Trotter
A nod to early 20th century Bengali and British campaign infantry wear in Southeast Asia, this collection meshes outerwear and accessory design in a seamless manner. The collection also won Outstanding Senior Design Collection and Outstanding Senior Design Portfolio!


If you’re wondering what the future of fashion might look like, you just got a pretty good glimpse. Let’s continue to support our young designers and creatives – the fashion industry needs them!

For a full video of the show, click here.

*All runway images via Patrick Oehler, Poughkeepsie Journal

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