The Flattering Poncho

Happy Spring! Warm days, cool nights and freezing cold AC in the office. Sound familiar? Lucky for you, we have cashmere back in stock. Thanks to your requests for more Anjé cashmere, we now have ponchos and elbow pad sweaters available.  Our boutiques and customers say the soft hand and lightweight cashmere is why this product is in such high demand. The colors are quite versatile too, which makes for easy pairing. The poncho makes a chic ensemble addition along with keeping you warm and doubling as a scarf, throw, shawl or any other way you prefer. Now offered in Black Houndstooth, Grey Houndstooth and Charcoal.


I keep a poncho over the back of my office chair so it’s there when I need it. I can throw it over just about anything and elevate my look effortlessly.

So far all of the ladies in my family have picked a different favorite color when I showed them the new product. What I love about these ponchos is that they are flattering on every body. You can leave the snaps undone if you want a more open feel or snapped together for a sweater look, it all works. My mother wore the grey houndstooth and draped it around her neck like I did in the photo above and it looked fab! She looked regal almost. The product is really beautiful and if you haven’t already, I encourage you to see the movement of the poncho as it floats down the runway here (view the poncho at 2 minutes, 47 seconds).

Have a great week!



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