The Cutout Crush

With Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren
Happy Tuesday everyone! I have finally recovered from the exciting and successful Macy’s event last weekend. A very special thanks to my team, who consistently comes through for me and Anjé! Annah, Nikki, Lilly, Rachel and Chad are all a huge part of making this beautiful engine run and boy did we run. Shoppers were crushing on our Cutout Dress, saying it’s the perfect date night dress & they wanted to wear it for Valentine’s Day. That said, it makes sense that the Cutout trumped sales for the event, selling to Anjels from Chicago, Norway and Dubai to name a few! Our Pencil Skirt was worn to the White House yesterday by a customer who stopped by our event on Saturday and had to have it! I can’t wait to see our new customers in our designs.
Posing with my lovely model wearing The Cutout Dress
I was pleased with the turnout for the event, considering the NYC weather. It was bitter cold but that didn’t stop our fans from getting in on the action. My family made a special guest appearance, which made my day! Mom & Dad, big bro and sis-in-law and my beautiful Goddaughter stopped by to make sure Anjé was on point.
Customer from Barcelona
Customers from Norway with their new purchase
A high school fashion class from Chicago stopped by and I had the chance to speak to them about starting a business, being passionate about what they do and being determined to never give up. I reinforced the importance of loving what they do and believing in themselves throughout their journeys.
High School Fashion Class from Chicago
I also want to congratulate the other 3 designers that were chosen to be a part of this event. Hellen Castillo, a Project Runway alum, put out a free spirited collection inspired by the interior design of the 70’s. Joelle and Stanley from I Am Kreyol, paid homage to the first ever recorded queen, Neithhotep, with their collection representing the royal, warrior-like nature of a woman disguised as a classic, feminine, statuesque creature. Jovan Oconnor presented a collection inspired by the upcoming summer Olympics in Brazil.
Celebrating success with Designer Helen Castillo

Cheers to a great week!


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