The Big Video Reveal!

What a terrific Tuesday!! Remember way back when, when I took you behind the scenes of Anje’s new campaign video? Well the video has finally been edited and released (I know this is huge, just keep breathing, people). The video features our badass founder, Angela Brasington, as well as the founder of the Virtueconomy, Keith Friedlander, and the founder of the Kota Alliance, Jaana Rehnström (dream team, am I right?). So before you take a gander at this beautifully crafted masterpiece, I’m breaking down the key players for you.

What is the Virtueconomy?
You’ve heard me mention the Virtueconomy before, but what is this mysterious entity that’s going around uplifting amazing non-profits? The Virtueconomy is a model of business that’s all about empowering non-profit organizations by providing resources to help them grow, instead of just scrape by. Think about when you donate money to your favorite charity. You want that money to go directly to the cause, right? But the charity organization itself needs funding to stay running and be able to help the cause. Overhead expenses like marketing, operations, financing, etc. keep an organization alive, and are equally important to non-profits as they are to for-profit companies.

Unfortunately, because non-profits face pressure to keep their overhead expenses as low as possible, their growth is stifled. The Virtueconomy aims to provide these non-profits with the resources that’ll help them develop internally, and therefore help exponentially more people. In order to do this, for-profit companies are matched with non-profits, and part of the for-profit’s income benefits the non-profit. A sort of symbiotic relationship is created, where everyone involved is empowered!

Right now, the Virtuecomony is focusing on supporting female-centric non-profits, which leads me to my next key player…

What is Kota?
The Kota Alliance is a non-profit dedicated to promoting gender equality and women's empowerment by serving as a hub and an incubator for organizations that seek to sponsor the same ideals.

Ultimately, the Kota Alliance would like to create a World Center for Women - a building in NYC designated to the fostering of female-empowering organizations. A bunch of badass organizations fighting for gender equality together in one space? Sounds like a sweet deal to me!

How does Anjé play a role?
Anjé was the first brand to work with the Virtueconomy, and was matched with the Kota Alliance because women’s empowerment is something we hold near and dear to our hearts. We’re participating in the Virtueconomy by donating 10% of the profit made from our Virtue Collective to the Kota Alliance to help them flourish, and cover those overhead expenses we talked about earlier. We know that by supporting the Kota Alliance, we’ll be able further our impact in helping women around the world.


Now that you know what we’re all about, where do you come in?

You have a vital part in this whole equation. By purchasing items from Anje’s Virtue Collective, you’re not only getting quality, chic clothing, you’re also fueling the Kota Alliance, and helping to give them a leg up.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for! Enjoy :)



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