The Best Travel Companion

They say (they being an enigma) that if you can live with someone and travel with them, your relationship can withstand anything. I like to think this holds true for clothing as well. The true measure of a garment’s versatility and worth is if you can live in it and travel in it. Let’s face it, traveling can be stressful. It’s more than rewarding enough to compensate for the stress, but that doesn’t mean we should pretend it’s gonna be a cakewalk. The last thing you need while being hurtled through TSA, digging for your boarding pass, or getting lost in a new city is to feel uncomfortable in what you’re wearing. And let’s not forget to mention the fiasco of even trying to plan outfits before and during the trip!

But every now and then, the heavens open and bring us to the perfect pieces, the best travel companions, and I’d like to share mine with you. Last week we talked about some of the hidden gems of southern Italy, inspired by my recent trip back to the motherland. What was not pictured in last week’s article is how much the Anjé Silk Tee in black saved 👏 my 👏 trip. We all already know the Silk Tee is probably the single most versatile piece of clothing that ever existed (fact check me if you want), but it was truly put to the test during this trip. Check out how I styled the Silk Tee throughout the ride of lifetime 😊.

First stop for the Silk Tee was the beautiful town of Matera. I was seeing family, so I needed to not look like a hobo, but as you know from last week’s article, Matera really requires some sneakers. I paired my Silk Tee with a floral midi skirt and my Adidas Superstars (not pictured). The ensemble got the approval from my stylish Italian cousins and my feet!

You can’t go to Italy and not do some shopping. That was my justification when I bought the funky patterned pants pictured above. With such a busy print, I needed a top to balance out the look. Luckily, I had the perfect remedy right in my suitcase 😉! I popped on my Silk Tee and some espadrilles and it was an easy breezy beach day at Polignano a Mare!

The last leg of my Italian adventure entailed an eight-hour plane ride home. Please don’t judge my groggy, jetlagged self here, but I had to document the successful journey that I made in an outfit that was runway ready 😉 (hehe see what I did there?).  My Silk Tee, some black trousers, a black leather jacket, and my Superstars kept me comfy and cozy throughout the flight… and even while I was getting yelled at by airport security for taking pictures 😬.


How have you styled your Silk Tee? Send us your look for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page!

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