The Apps Your Abs Are Begging For

Begging for the Burn

By now, you’ve probably attended approximately 3.7 million backyard barbeques, which means you’ve been ingesting a whole lot of deliciously unhealthy food. Depending on how dedicated you’ve been to your workout routine this summer, you might be staying afloat despite the endless parade of bacon cheeseburgers and ice-cream cones…or you might be in need of a little nudge to get back on track before beach season officially ends.

A nudge to stay on track is precisely the appeal of using a fitness app! Many people have already turned to using apps to facilitate their workout routines and it makes sense. Why pay boatloads of money for a personal trainer when you can spend a couple of dollars (and even none) on an app that provides you with more flexibility anyway? So in the spirit of getting into your workout groove and burning off all the traces BBQ, here a few apps that your abs (and the rest of our body!) are begging for!

1. Aflete
Are you a fanatic of fitness influencers? This is the app for you, my friend! A coworker of mine swears by this one, and she’s a boss when it comes to staying fit, so I think Aflete is definitely worth a mention! With this app, you can connect with some of the top influencers in the game like GraceFitUK, Jayde Pierce, and Carly Rowena. The gist of this clever app is that you can buy guided workouts from some of your favorite fitness stars, and Aflete tracks your progress as you go! Pretty soon you’ll become the fit-fluencer (let the record show that I came up with that term only to discover after the fact that it was already created 🤷).

2. Runtastic
I’m the kind of girl who will run 4 miles and then devour 20 spoonfulls of Nutella mercilessly, without even feeling bad about it. But when I track my runs with Runtastic, sometimes I’m inspired to maybe only eat 10 spoonfulls…okay 15! Nevertheless, as a self-proclaimed cardio queen (👑), Runtastic is a lifesaver. It tracks my run, walk, or bike ride, and shows me all sorts of sexy data like my distance, duration, average mile time, and so on. Did I mention that it’s free?

3. Sworkit
This app is supposed to be for those of us who have no time to do traditional workouts, or go to the gym (aka everyone). It’s a little pricier than some of the other apps out there, but even with a 30-day free trial, it provides you with guided workouts ranging from 5 to 60 minutes…which means there’s no excuse to not get on your grind! Even better, Sworkit focuses on body weight exercises that you can do anywhere! At home, outside, at your cubicle 😉 - just Sworkit!


Already use a workout app? Which one? We want to get in on your groove!

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