The 4 Most Useful Amazon Purchases I’ve Made During Quarantine

Over the past 6 months, we’ve all seen physical retail take a hit and online retail skyrocket. When our activities are limited and stores are closed, what else are we to do but spend egregious amounts of time and money on online shopping?! And of course, one of the biggest culprits in feeding this addiction is online mega-giant, Amazon. I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of practical, and regrettable, buys from Amazon. Of the many Amazon purchases I’ve made during this quarantine, 4 stand out as the most useful…

1. Under Armour Women's Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe - $59.99
Back in March, I could tell we were in for the long haul with this quarantine. I had a feeling gyms wouldn’t be open for longer than I could go without working out before looking like a potato. That’s why my first purchase of the quarantine was a pair of Under Armour distance running shoes. I needed a pair durable enough for outdoor workouts and road runs…194 miles later and thanks to this purchase, I have yet to hit potato status.

2. Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Glasses - $17.99
These past few months have been filled with virtual events and a whole lot of screen time. You spend at least 8 hours a day (but probably closer to 10) staring at your laptop for work and then spend another few hours gazing at your friends and family on facetime or getting glued to Netflix. Both work and leisure have been entirely filled with screen time.  That’s why this pair of clear blue light glasses has really come in clutch. I have a little extra flair to my style and my eyes don’t feel like falling out half way through the day!

3. Americanflat Artists White 8x10 inch Canvas Panels (12 Pack) – $14.95
It seems that everyone and their mother has been tapping into their creative side to some extent. Whether it’s crafting tables for squirrels or completing paint by numbers, doing an artistic activity can be pretty cathartic! The purchase of 12 canvas panels was very much in anticipation of me unleashing my pent-up creative energy (and finally joining the herd of people with new passion projects). After a few relaxing painting sessions outside, it was mission accomplished!

4. 3OWL Everglades 2-Person Tent - $24.99
To be honest, I haven’t actually used this one yet, BUT I’ve been talking about going on my first camping trip all summer and it’s finally happening soon! Camping seems to have been the go-to vacation of the summer since it social-distancing friendly. Of course, half the fun of any trip is letting the excitement build leading up to it. Ordering this tent made the plans official and gave me the excitement that made the quarantine a bit more bearable!


What have been your most useful purchases these past few months? Let us know by commenting below! 

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