Summer Bucket List 2020

Do you feel a constant mild perspiration? Have you already been bitten by some kind of bug? And do you not mind at all because it's absolutely gorgeous out most days? These signs can only point to one’s summer! Yes, this will be an unusual summer. But that doesn’t mean it’s not full of potential! And to spark some ideas for how to make it magical, we’ve come up with a short bucket list for the sunny days ahead. Unlike our past Summer Bucket Lists, this one is catered to corona friendly activities. Enjoy!
1. Movie nights, elevated
It’s been months since any of us have experienced a chick flick in a movie theater. We know you’re craving one, accompanied by the savory smell of overpriced popcorn. While our traditional movie experience will likely be on hold this summer, we can find ways to elevate our entertainment...and save some money on the popcorn! Drive in movies are going to be a ~shmove~. I’m also seriously considering investing in a projector to create my own outdoor theater…updates to come later this summer 😉.

2. Adopt a grandparent

As we all know, nursing homes hold the most vulnerable population to COVID. Even as places start to open up, nursing home residents will likely not be able to see their families like they used to until there’s a vaccine. That is why CHD Living, which owns 13 nursing homes around London, is calling for people to adopt a grandparent! Your “adoption” can entail exchanging Skype sessions, emails, and pen pal letters. Who said making new friends would be hard this summer? You can apply here.

3. Get in touch with your green thumb
Picture this: food so fresh you’ll actually think you’re in Italy. That’s the vibe we’re going for this summer. Gardening fresh produce and flowers might be a particular challenge for some, but we can all work on our green thumbs! For example, you can catch me starting off with planting flowers in my numerous empty Nutella jars 😎.

4. Getaway House
If you’ve always wanted to go camping, but you’re afraid of bugs and dirt, this is the summer activity for you! Getaway House hooks you up with your own cabin equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and bed next to a huge window overlooking the nature you’re immersed in! For our New Yorkers, there are Getaway Houses in the Catskills, making for a quick escape. I recently emailed the team at Getaway House to ask what kind of precautions they were taking with COVID. Not only do they deep clean every cabin after each stay, they ensure the cabin is vacated for at least 24 hours between parties. Bougie camping, here we come!

5. DIY everything
Whether it’s your own artwork, home-made sangria, or picnic tables for squirrels, this summer will be great for trying all the DIY projects you’ve had saved up in a Pinterest board. Get crafty and create some things you’ll be proud of…or at least have fun making!

6. Take a proactive stance against racism
Here at Anjé, we’re devastated by the death of George Floyd and the deep-seated pain of our friends. This summer, we should all proactively address racism, starting by reflecting its pervasiveness in our own homes. Let’s educate ourselves. Read, listen, and watch content that informs us. And let’s support black owned businesses, especially in this hard economic time.


As you venture out this summer, remember to keep social distancing in mind. This means stay 6 feet apart and wear a mask! And if you’re looking for a snazzy mask to go with your summer vibes, check out our designs or customize your own 😌.

 Let us know what’s on your bucket list this summer by commenting below!

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