Summer 2019 Bucket List

Well folks, summer is now officially upon us! It technically began on June 21st, but we all know the season really starts once summer Fridays kick in and you get to dip out of work a few hours early…I see you 😉.  Either way, you know your summer is going to fly by faster than you can say “pass the aloe please”. So how do you mitigate this issue and milk out every ounce of your sun-baked summer days? Here at Anjé, we’re all about goal setting, and I like to think of bucket lists a form of just that. Quick! While there’s still time, plan out your weekends and days off strategically to accomplish whatever you choose to throw onto your bucket list. Last year we crafted a pretty impressive list but don’t worry, we’ve got a revamped list for you to draw inspiration from. Ready, set, SUMMER!
1. Visit the Vessel at Hudson Yards
This architectural masterpiece is probably on every city-goer’s bucket list this year! The Vessel just opened to the public on March 15th and serves as a centerpiece of the Hudson Yards. With 154 flights of stairs, it’s a great workout and an even better view (get your gram ready, ladies). But wait! It doesn’t stop there…tickets to climb to the top are free! Make sure you reserve a time here before you go.

2. Take a hike!
Yes, this is a cringy dad-like way of saying “get lost” or “get out of here”, but I’m serious! This summer consider taking a hike somewhere. Similar to the Vessel, hiking is the perfect cocktail of exercise and enchanting views. There are plenty of hiking trails in the Hudson River Valley region – Bear Mountain, Storm King State Park, Lemon Squeezer, and Mohonk Preserve just to name a few. I just recently went for my first big girl hike on Mount Beacon (pictured below) and I really regret not getting into hiking sooner! If you choose to tackle Mount Beacon too, be sure to grab some replenishment at Glazed Over Donuts when you make it down 😌. 

3. Carouse at Coney Island

This Brooklyn gem is chock full of entertainment that’s sure to supplement your summer vibe. From a classic boardwalk, to rollercoasters, to a beautiful beach front, Coney Island has it all and is definitely worth one of your invaluable summer nights. I’m picturing that ferris wheel at night and I can already smell fair food 🤤.

4. Sip the day away at a vineyard
This activity is the epitome of summertime sophistication. For those who’ve never experienced going to a vineyard, picture your classic wine night except fancier, better scenery, and endless amounts of wine. It’s a great way to spend some time outside without having to work up much of sweat. There are plenty of great vineyards on Long Island, just a train ride from the city, including Harmony Vineyards, Del Vino Vineyards, Wolfer Estate Vineyard, and lots more…pinkies up everyone!

5. Romp Around the Brooklyn Bridge
I’ll confess, as much time as I’ve spent in NYC, I have yet to cross the Brooklyn Bridge. I’m ashamed, but hey, we’re goal setting here, right? I’m making it there this summer – ice cream in hand, camera in the other! Besides being peculiarly picturesque, the bridge is a portal to all things hip and happening in Brooklyn 😉, making it a solid bucket list activity!

 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~We want to know what’s on your bucket list this summer! Keep us in the loop by commenting below!

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