Styling Your Summer Sandals

Welcome, sandal season!
Enough is enough! We’ve been hiding our little piggies all winter! I can’t even tell you how many days I walked around with soggy, cold feet trapped inside poorly insulated booties (I’m sorry if I just triggered some really hard memories for you…). Finally, it’s time to let loose - freedom for our feet! The first few weeks of being able to wear sandals are just simply glorious. Once it’s sandal season, you know that there are only good times ahead, which is why we have to celebrate with some style inspiration! Check out a couple of perfect ways to wear your Anjé with this season’s most stylish sandals.

1. Espadrilles

Don’t espadrilles just put you in a summery state of mind? You slip them on, tie two cute little bows around your ankles, and it’s like you’re suddenly ready to run around picking daisies and basking in the sun with a cute corgi by your side! …okay maybe that’s just me getting carried away, but you have to admit, espadrilles are undeniably adorable! Luckily for you, they’re a great shoe to pair with so many of your Anjé pieces! My vision once I find a new pair of worthy espadrilles (in black, of course)? The Modal Pocket Tee Dress, a bright red lip, and maybe a little sunhat! It’s an effortless, casual outfit that’s still sure to turn heads!

Shoe and hat via

2. Mules
No, no, not the animal! But just like the animal, the shoe is a bit of a hybrid! Mules generally have a little heel (like a pump), but also have an open back (like a slipper). These ultra-chic sandals have been resurrected from the 90’s and seem like they’re not going anywhere any time soon. I’m pretty okay with this, considering they’re super versatile. They go with lots of leg on hot summer days, but also with long pants or capris while the weather is more transitional. Actually, come to think of it, a pair of colorful mules would look nothing short of stunning with a neutral maxi dress…
How about our Modal Maxi Dress 😉?

Shoe and sunglasses via

 3. The Minimalist Heel
I don’t think these beauties will ever lose their glamour in my eyes. Simmering with simplicity, they’re a staple in every sophisticated girl’s wardrobe! I find myself wishing that it was socially acceptable to wear minimalist heels during the winter too…(would I lose all credibility if I said I’ve done it before?). Anyway, these kicks were made to be paired with our brand new Aria Asymmetric Tuxedo & Dress Combo. Throw on an elegant black leather bag, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a look for a classy night out!

Shoe and bag via


This summer, you’ll be rocking your sandals so hard that people will be screaming “what are thooossseee?” because they’ll genuinely want to know where they can get a pair too! We want to see how you style your Anjé with your favorite summer sandals! Give us a peek - @anjeclothing

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