Taking a Walk on the Wild Side

Alright ladies, by now you know I’m always keeping my eyes on the trends for us. Whether it be fashion week, spring accessories, or summer hairstyles, I keep my eyes peeled. Some trends end up being fads, a very different beast (remember when sneaker wedges were a thing?). A fad has a much shorter lifespan, usually just a season or two…and they often evoke a sense of deep regret on behalf of the fad participant once its' all over (again, see sneaker wedges). Nevertheless, being involved in fashion in any capacity means having your finger on the pulse of both trends and fads. So when I start seeing a distinct look start to take over, I’m automatically intrigued.
This was exactly the case when the Satin Cheetah Skirt came onto the scene. This spunky skirt became popular last summer and will prove to be a prevailing trend into the summer to come. Plenty of fashion bloggers and instagrammers alike have already shared their take on the trend. From left to right, we have @michelletakeaim, @james.michelle.life, @rosesnmimosas, and @ artafacts all sporting nearly identical skirts in entirely unique ways. I’ve gotta give it to this skirt though, it’s pretty freaking versatile for such a statement piece! Dressed down with sneakers or dressed up with heels, the skirt is incredibly easy to pair with whatever you have in your wardrobe!

I recently jumped on the trend too, but of course had to incorporate a little Anjé into the matter. I decided to keep it pretty safe with my first go around wearing the skirt. Paired simply with the Anjé black Silk Tee and some leather peep-toe booties, I was trendy and comfy as can be! Take a peek below for evidence of said satin cheetah skirt look…before I spilled coffee all over it 😬.

Yup, this look is a perfect example of everything I love about Anjé Clothing. With quality basics, like the Silk Tee, you can take as many fashion risks as you want! The only thing that could possibly make this outfit any better would be adding the Classic Leather Jacket...but then again, a black leather jacket upgrades virtually any look 🤷!


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