Street Style Trends of Fall 2020 Fashion Month

From New York, to London, to Milan, and then Paris, it was quite the month! Although there were some unexpected curveballs thrown at us this fashion month (yeah, we’re talking about you, corona), the show must go on – and they certainly did! We were entranced by what we saw gliding down the runway, but we have to admit that those looks often seem like unpractical pieces of art. We know that the real beauty of fashion is how each individual adapts their clothing into looks of their own. This is why we love some good street style! It’s much more tangible for the everyday gal and is a nod to the trends you can start rocking now as opposed to seasons ahead like the runway looks. Here are some of the unmistakable street style trends of fall 2020 fashion month!

Bourgeois Boots
Boots that are just under or above the knee are not a new trend, but this fashion month, we saw an influx of fashionistas tucking somewhat baggy pants into these boots. The result is a bourgeoise type of look that also may be reminiscent of sartorial choices you’ve seen on pirates and Puss in Boots. But don’t be fooled, this style has crept into the fashion world and seems to be a common look on the trendiest among us!

Mega influencer and fashion blogger, Danielle Bernstein has been rocking this look since 2018. The UK Times even wrote an article back in February 2019 ridiculing Danielle’s look and the idea of tucking trousers into boots overall…wondering if they’re praising it now 🤔?

Image via @weworewhat

Plaid Coats
It’s always interesting to see how plaid pops up in trends over the years. This go around, we saw it shine in long coats. The same exact baby blue plaid coat was even seen multiple times, which is probably a nightmare for the ladies who wore them, but really points to the strength of the trend! Although winter is almost over now (hopefully), we expect this trend to carry into lighter, transitional jackets for the spring. So go ahead and play up the plaid!

Bucket Hats
Oh boy, someone turn up the Backstreet Boys and break out the Gameboy Color because the 90s are already making their way into this new decade. We saw an overwhelming number of bucket hats on stylish show goers this month, so it’s really just a matter a time now before we’re all wearing them! This time around, you can spice it up with more modern twists. Why not try a leather bucket hat? Or a chic all white one? But honestly, if you saved yours from back in the day, lucky you 😉.  

Go ahead and feel free to experiment! As long as you have you classic Anjé pieces to use as your canvas, every look is yours to create!  

So which one of these street style trends will you be rocking? Let us know by commenting below!

*Street style images via Chiara Marina Grioni/Fashionista and Imaxtree

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