Stay Warm in Style

“What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold!”

You wake up in the morning, and for some reason, it’s extra hard to get out of bed. Your comforter seems to be hugging you, begging you not to go out into the tundra outside. Winter is no longer coming, my friends. Winter is here. Whether we like it or not, we have to face the blistering cold eventually. But that can be a daunting task when you’re trying to keep up your look, especially here in NYC! So how can you stay warm in style, you ask? Here are a few of my favorite tips.
1. Layers on layers on layers

This might be a no-brainer, but sometimes it’s tempting to ditch the layers to avoid looking like a marshmallow! The key is to layer the right way. This entails using thin layers to ensure that they’re snug and secure. Our modal pieces are ideal base layers! I love throwing on some knee-high boots as well…that counts as a layer, right?

2. Spray your way through
Static Guard is a wintertime essential in my book. There’s nothing worse than peeling off your layers and having your hair sticking out in all directions, and feeling your clothes cling to you. A travel sized can of Static Guard tucked away in your bag will serve you well. Spritz a little on your clothes before and or after the static attack and keep looking sleek!

3. Wrap it up
During these arctic months, Europeans are obsessed with their scarves. They wrap them so tightly around their necks, you’d think they’re participating in a mummy wrap, but honestly, they have the right idea! There are plenty of ways to tie a scarf that’ll keep you cozy, my favorite being the classic loop through. Don’t be afraid to grab a chunky scarf and wrap it around that pretty face of yours!

4. Tuck the hair
Tucked hair seems to be all the rage this winter! We’ve seen it before on the runway, on the streets, and even on Kim Kardashian! This chic look involves leaving your locks tucked into whatever layers you’re wearing, whether it’s a turtleneck, scarf, or jacket. This look isn’t just on trend, it’ll keep your neck and ears warm and unexposed by ensuring that your hair doesn’t blow away with the wind!

Picture via @annah_todd

5. #treatyourself to an Uber
When it’s über cold, take an Uber! While it’s very admirable of you to want to navigate the subways and walk to wherever you’re going, it’s also okay to treat yourself to an Uber every now and then, especially when the temps drop significantly at night. Self-love is in style, after all 😉.


You’re a cool girl, but you’re not meant to be freezing cold! Tackle the tundra in style this winter, whether your strutting through city streets, or just running out for an extra large, extra hot hot chocolate 😉. What are your winter weather style hacks?

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