Stay Healthy (& Beautiful) In The Cold Months

Staying healthy is always a priority but when you’re combatting bad weather, allergies and other sick people all at once, it tends to be a more challenging battle. We all know the routine. The sniffles on the sardine-filled elevator, the sneeze in the Starbucks line, the germs on everything you touch. You can’t escape it. So manage it. Healthy on the inside equals a beautiful glow on the outside.

Read on to ward off the germs and the susceptibility. If all else fails, make yourself a Hot Toddy and snuggle up in bed with a good flick. (Recipe below.)

      1. COMMON SENSE FOR THE COMMON COLD: It’s obvious but often overlooked. Wash your hands and don’t touch your face. Everything you touch, especially in public where many hands are touching, has germs. Minimize the chance of spreading them by washing your hands and keeping them away from your face. Use a fragrance free lotion after you wash your hands so they don’t dry out in the cold air.
      2. DRINK UP: Hold the booze, drink lots of water and tea. While I recommend drinking water all day everyday, if you are concerned about getting sick, it’s even more important because the water will help flush your body. Drinking water also ensures that nutrients are delivered to cells keeping them hydrated and plump – and plump cells can help your skin look firmer.
        Drinking hot tea and breathing in the steam stimulates the cilia, the hair follicles in the nose, moving out germs more efficiently. Add lemon, which thins mucus, and honey, an antibacterial, to amp up the healing powers. I also add fresh ginger, which helps bring down inflammation, clear congestion and support the immune system.
      3. BYOP: Bring Your Own Pen (or anything else that is shared for that matter) to the bank, meetings, restaurants, etc. Whenever shared pens are passed, so are the germs. Did you mean to sign your check or sign up for a cold?
      4. WARM NOT COLD: Bundle up, stay warm and prevent a cold. A little draft down your back is all it takes to send that chill through your whole body. Layer on warm clothes to keep the warmth in and the cold out. Cashmere sweaters and ponchos are my favorite. They are so cozy and look super chic at the same time.
      5. PHONE CLEANSE: Do you have any idea how many germs are on your phone right now? You don’t want to. Use a sanitizing wipe to clean off your phone every day when you’re sick. You should try to do this on a regular basis, sick or not. In the last week, how many times did you put your phone down on the table while you paid your check, set it on a counter in a bathroom or dropped it on the street?! Go clean it now!
      6. REST IS THE BEST: I know you don’t want to hear it but sleep is your friend. It truly does amazing things for your body, both internally and externally. Our T-cells go down if we don’t get enough ZZZ’s, meaning that sleep deprivation suppresses immune system function. Externally, it affects the moisture levels in your skin, decreasing the PH levels in your complexion, causing your skin to look less youthful and have less of a glow. This imbalance leads to a dehydrated complexion, redness and even breakouts. I choose sleep over that!

        1.5 – 2 oz Whiskey
        1 teaspoon Honey
        Juice of 1/2 Lemon
        Boiling Water
        Cinnamon Stick optional
        Fill in a mug in that order. Sip and enjoy.
        Cheers! Have a healthy and happy week everyone!

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