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If you enjoy your weekly dose of Anjé, help us spread the love! We’re giving away an iRing to everyone who gets at least 5 friends to subscribe.  Download the attachment here and forward to your friends.

What is an iRing? It’s a grip and a stand for your phone at the same time. You can use it to hold your phone or rest your phone. It also comes with a separate hook that can be used anywhere you want to hang your phone. Many people use them on the dash in their cars so its perfect for GPS.

The modal collection is expanding! The rave reviews prompted us to offer a few pieces from our core collection in our buttery soft modal. Same great style, awesome new fabrication. Here we go again, I want them all.

This February we can have them all. They will be in stores and online so shop your heart out. The sweetest part? All modal styles come in 14 colors. Haha, I know, I know, you need them all don’t you? 

Have a lovely week everyone!
Thanks for your help spreading love.


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