(Self) Love Is in the Air

Taking #treatyourself to the next level

Brace yourself because, everyone's favorite day of the year is almost here. It's a day filled with excitement and joy. Of laughter and love. Yes, February 15th is just two days away and you know all the chocolate from Valentine's Day will be majorly discounted ;). (If you saw that one coming then you're just as much of a sugar addict as I am, and I commend you for it!) In all seriousness, Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and love is in the air, of course. But the kind of love that I'm referring to is self-love! We've talked about self-love before when we launched the #weareanje campaign this past summer, but how can you practice some self-love this Valentine's Day? Well I'm glad you asked…here are a few ideas!
1. Do a situation analysis

We're often so busy taking care of things for other people that it's easy to go into autopilot. If we give everyone else our undivided attention so much, why not ourselves? I think the first step to practicing self-love is to give your situation (yourself, and the direction of your life) some extra real estate in your head. What's working for you in your life right now? How can you ensure that those positive vibes keep rolling in, and where can you find improvement for yourself? It might sound cheesy, but taking the time to set some goals for yourself will prove to be extremely beneficial for you in the long run. So allow yourself the time to start with a little self-reflection, it’s one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself! 

2. It’s the little things
One of my personal life theories is that an important element in maintaining happiness is to constantly have something to look forward to, no matter how small. This Valentine's Day, think about ways to punctuate your schedule with little things that make you happy (like a weekly TV show, or fancy sushi on pay days), or plan something bigger (like a fun weekend or a trip). Whatever it is, you’ll be glad that you have something fun on the horizon!

3. Create a self-love arsenal
We all feel a little unconfident from time to time. It’s normal to get into a negative headspace and stay there for a few days or so. A great way to practice self-love is to preemptively combat these "funks" by creating a self-love arsenal (term coined by me, thank you very much 😌). This arsenal can be a physical list or a mental one, but it should include examples of times when you succeeded, or felt extra confident. It serves as a little reminder of how great you are! Being able to recall these memories will also activate the same parts of your brain that were activated when you actually lived it…talk about a confidence boost!

4. Reminisce on your role models
Who did you look up to when you were younger? Who do you look up to now? Thinking of these people and spending time with them is another fantastic way to show yourself a little self-love. When you reminisce on, or surround yourself with the people that inspire you, you’ll become the best version of yourself that there is. It’ll also keep you grounded and in line with your values!

5. Get wrapped up in Anjé
Picture this: you get home from a long day of work, and all you want to do is cuddle up and watch your weekly TV show (The Bachelor maybe?!). You slide off your heels, and you look to grab something comfy to change into. What could be any better at that exact moment than Anjé Modal Loungers and the Elbow Pad Sweater? Name a better duo, I dare you! Self-love is letting yourself be comfortable, while knowing you still look chic. Wrap yourself up in some cozy Anjé this Valentine’s Day to top off your new self-love lifestyle!




This Valentine’s Day is all about you, girl! That love in the air is from the confidence and self-love of so many amazing, ambitious women out there. Happy Valentine’s Day (and enjoy the chocolate😉)!

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