Savoring the Last Weekend of Summer

August is basically like the Sunday of all the months. Taylor wasn’t kidding around with her lyric, “August slipped away into a moment of time.” But there’s no need for Sunday scaries here, because when summer ends, arguably the best season begins. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like loving fall is basically my whole personality… But let’s not get ahead of ourselves too much. Stay tuned next week for our full fall bucket list! For now, let’s focus on closing out the summer right! Here’s our recipe for a perfect Labor Day Weekend! 

1. Plan an adventure with your pals 
This doesn’t have to be anything extravagant! Spend the day at Fire Island, go up to the Hudson Valley for a hike, or head out to Hamptons to be bougie AF (and make sure you wear that sundress you haven’t had a chance to rock yet). Whatever you do, capitalize on this long weekend and rally your friends together to end the summer with a few more memories to cherish! 

2. Reflect 
As important as it is to plan ahead, it’s equally as impactful to reflect on where you’ve been. An analogy for my tech nerds out there: in the agile methodology of software development, teams not only do sprint plannings, but always do sprint retrospectives to reflect on what they could’ve done better. 
This weekend, perch at your favorite coffee shop and hold some space for yourself to do an audit of how you felt about this season of your life. Then think to the future. Maybe take some time to create a vision board, then put pen to paper to write out where you see yourself 6 months from now and then 5 years from now. 

3. Do a deep clean 
You may have done some spring cleaning a few months ago, but with this summer being a whirlwind, you almost definitely have some clutter to clear up! Do a power hour of cleaning up your most cramped spaces this weekend. You’ll be sure to go into this new season with a more clear head! 

4. Print your highlights reel 
This summer was surely riddled with amazing memories. Take a few minutes to scroll through your camera roll and print a few of your favorite moments. Order the prints online from your local CVS, Rite Aid, etc. and then hang them up or tuck them away somewhere safe so you look at them anytime you need a pick me up! 

5. Gush at one more sunset
With the days about to get a lot shorter, this is your chance to be awe-struck by one more stunning summer sunset! Be sure to watch from your go-to spot and come equipped with your camera…what better way to celebrate the end of the season than with this symbolic activity?! 


How are you spending the last weekend of summer? Let us know by commenting below! 
And stay tuned for our Fall Bucket List coming next week! 

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