Seasonless continues to receive a red dotted line when I type it yet Merriam Webster deems it a word and says it's been used since 1816.  Anjé was deemed seasonless in 2014, nearly 200 years later. 

The Merriam Webster definition of seasonless is 
1. exhibiting no seasonal changes
2. not restricted to a particular season; suitable for wearing in any season

The reason behind a Seasonless Anjé.
In discovering my fashion senses over time, I learned that my personal preferences lean toward classic styles, neutral palettes and menswear-inspired looks, spicing it up with feminine flair here and there. In building my wardrobe over the years, I always opted for quality over quantity, classic silhouettes that could pair with multiple pieces in my closet and colors that could be worn well with others. 
What I learned by simply living and discovering turned out to be more than personal style. It was smart and efficient style, which saved me money by purchasing well-made products that last, created multiple outfit combinations (increasing the usability of each piece), and never felt my clothes were outdated, even when wearing the same piece years later. 
Using this thought process and personal experience, I formed the idea of Seasonless Collections because it makes sense from both a business and consumer perspective. 
As needed, we inject seasonal styles into the assortment to offer must-have pieces, such as a crop top for the summer or a wool coat for winter. 

The facts.
"Fashion has become a global affair where luxury goods can fulfill the needs of different customers all over the world, regardless of hemispheres and seasons," wrote Paulo Borges, in The Business of Fashion. He discusses how technology and social media are a crucial component of this industry shift, giving consumers access to a much larger marketplace without leaving home. 
With the rise of technology fulfilling the consumer need for real-time events coupled with the constant change in the world climate, seasonless collections make more sense than ever and Anjé is an innovator at the forefront of this major industry transformation. 
Thanks for being a part of it with us! 

*A few birthday shout outs to my cousin Kristin and friend Allison, both loyal Anjé customers! Happy birthday ladies!! 

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