Ride The Heat Wave In Style

Ride the heat wave in style with Anjé’s “How to Beat the Heat.”

Summer is in full swing and with that, so is the heat. It’s not easy looking stylish and cool when you’re sweaty and hot. Read on for my tips on surviving the heat and looking great at the same time.

        1. Go natural.  Don’t spend time blow drying and straightening your hair on humid days. That’s just silly when you know you’ll look like a chia pet by the time you get to the office. Trust me, we all have the same issue so you’re not alone anyway. Embrace your natural hair fly by letting it air dry and then adding a touch of product to tame the unavoidable frizz. I use OUAI Wave Spray because it feels like I just came from the beach. BONUS – your hair will last longer and require less shampoos with this miracle juice.
        2. Wear loose fitting clothes; cotton and lightweight, breathable fabrics are best.  This one is common sense yet sometimes it’s tough putting together an outfit for your specific work environment with this rule. If you work in finance, you may not be able to wear a sleeveless dress. But don’t commute wearing your blazer or cardigan. Carry it to the office. Better yet, leave one on the back of your chair so it’s ready when you are. This is a good habit in general as office temps tend to be near freezing in the summer. I’ve been wearing Anjé’s modal collection to keep cool and stylish in the heat. I mix and match the tees and tanks with the lounge pants, add heels for the office and my “cool” power suit is ready to rock. The modal pocket tee dresses and maxi dresses have been a summer staple for many influencers and friends alike.

          Ellery Lee, @elleisalwayshere
        3. Stay hydrated!  When your body sweats, it’s your internal air conditioner cooling you off. But that excretion of sweat means you need to replenish those fluids. I drink water constantly throughout the day so that helps. You should also eat foods high in water content such as watermelon, cucumber, cantaloupe, grapes and tomatoes. All of these contain 90% or higher water content by weight. Eating them in abundance will keep you hydrated.
        4. Protect your skin.  I wear sunscreen everyday to keep my skin looking young but when it’s hot, it’s even more important. A sunburn impedes your body from getting rid of heat. I use Murad Skincare everyday because I’ve fallen in love with the way it makes my skin feel and I’ve noticed visible improvements since I started using the brand. My favorite right now is their Invisiblur Perfecting Shield, which has SPF 30. For body, I like their Oil Free Sunscreen.
        5. Go easy on the makeup. I don’t usually wear much makeup anyway and in the heat, heavy foundations and creams will leave you looking more like a melting cup of Pinkberry than a heat-wave stunner. Avoid foundation all together and spot-apply concealer to a blemish if needed. For a touch of color, dust on some powder bronzer. The powder will soak up oil on your face. Remember, the heat makes blood rise to the cheeks, so you don’t need much color.  I like the Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer by Estee Lauder for how natural it looks on all skin types. More on my makeup routine coming soon!

          Stay cool!

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