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Hold the phone - wasn’t it just Valentine’s Day last week? Weren’t we all supposed to open up our hearts to love and all that mushiness? So what’s with this “protect yo heart” stuff now? No, I’m not here to highlight an NYC street art movement. And I’m not going back on what I said last week about appreciating love, but the month of February not only hosts Valentine’s Day… it’s also American Heart Month! An entire month devoted to raising awareness about how to prevent heart disease, a condition which is unfortunately the leading cause of death in the US. So how can you protect your heart? Well, there are a few ways you can start being more heart healthy!

1. Crank up the cardio
Alright this may seem fairly obvious, but sometimes we prioritize being super toned, to the point where we overlook the importance of cardio. I get that it can be daunting, but there are plenty of fun ways to get your cardio in! Joining the FitBit clan and beating your whole family in steps is always a great start. Cycling is another killer way to get your heart pounding! If you’re thinking of trying out a spin class, Pelaton in NYC hosts free, walk in first-come first-serve classes! And of course, I’m a big proponent of long, scenic runs (equipped with a kickass playlist). 

2. Revamp your recipe repertoire
It’s easy to find the motivation to cook a heart healthy meal after watching an episode of Dr. Oz or reading an article like this. The hard part is following through with consistency. If cooking is a passion of yours, it might be enjoyable for you to get creative with healthy recipes. But if you’re as culinarily confused as I am, you can start by adding classic heart healthy ingredients to your recipes. Some staples include almonds, salmon, berries, quinoa, beans, and avocado (and therefore photogenic avocado toast 😉). If you’re really stuck, The American Heart Association actually has a whole archive of heart healthy recipes to peruse through! 

3. Don’t be so salty
Going off the last point, being conscious of how much salt you’re adding to your food is a key way to give your heart a little break! The American Heart Association recommends that people only intake 1.5 grams of sodium per day, yet the average American has about 4 grams of sodium per day. At the beginning of my time spent in Italy, I noticed I thought the food tasted a bit bland, and soon realized just how accustomed Americans are to over-salted foods. Cutting down on your salt intake will probably be a rough adjustment, I won’t lie to you. But once you’re used to it, you won’t even think twice (but may be a bit triggered by Salt Bae memes…)!

Bonus: Anjé Buttery Soft Modal 😉
Come on, tell me your heart wouldn’t be happier in any of our super soft and cozy modal pieces! I don’t have any data supporting a correlation between heart health and modal wearing, but there’s gotta be one!


There are lots of great resources for learning about heart disease here. This month and every month, remember to protect yo heart!

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