Personalize Your PPE! Introducing Our New Customizable Masks

Ahhhh back from Memorial Day Weekend! Although the weekdays and weekends seem to all melt together, this 3-day weekend is still special. Summer has unofficially (but kinda officially) started! This year, our summer is going to look a little different than past summers, but that doesn’t mean the good times won’t roll! We’ve all been through a lot these past few months, and finally we’re starting to see things open back up a bit.
A new study out of Hong Kong has found that person-to-person transmission decreases as much as 75% when masks are used. This comes out as the CDC has changed its guidance to say that the coronavirus does not easily spread in any other way than person-to-person contact. What does it all mean? Our good times may just be contingent on how well we’re able to follow social distancing guidelines, which include wearing a mask!

States across the country have already began to open back up, with the governor of Ohio just announcing the state will allow wedding receptions of up to 300 people starting June 1st. It’s only a matter of time before we’re able to congregate and get back to some semblance of normalcy. As we anticipate the new normal, we want to make sure you’re safely prepared. That’s why last week we started the sale of our very own masks…with some attitude 😉.

And this week we’re happy to step it up notch…we are now offering customizable masks! When you order a 20-pack, you’ll have the option to customize the saying on your masks. We’ll contact you upon receipt of your order to confirm your print, and then your masks will be ready to ship in 3 days upon confirmation! Yup, it’s as easy as that!

We know you’re pretty popular and have a lot of friends that you’d want to have matching masks with, so we’ve devised a list of crews that may be in need of some quality custom masks in hopes of sparking some inspiration for your own set of personalized PPE! 

  • Bridal parties (for the socially distanced weddings of the future)
  • Bachelorette parties (and for the fun that will still come along with them!)
  • Class of 2020 (the true troopers)
  • Sororities (showcase the sisterhood)
  • Your family (wear your family name proudly!)
  • Essential workers (aka heroes…disclaimer - masks do not come with capes)
  • Coworkers (your WFH zoom calls just got more exciting)
  • Fandoms (music fandoms [think Beyoncé’s BeyHIve], TV show fandoms, or any other fandom…represent!)
  • Sports fans (support your team)
  • Milestone birthday bashes (if people gather for you bday, keep them safe and stylish with matching masks 😌)

No matter which squad you splurge on, the best part is that a percentage of every mask sold will go towards supporting local hospitals and frontline heroes in their response to COVID-19! Our official charity partner is Hackensack Meridian Health's COVID-19 Response Fund, which provides ongoing support for the hospital’s equipment and supply needs.  


Which one of your crews could use a set of custom masks? Let us know by commenting below!

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