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If someone were to ask you what the most functional and fashionable accessory is, what would you say? A pair of sunglasses, a hat, a crossbody bag? Sure, all of those items might be useful and stylish, but I would contend that they pale in comparison to the all mighty scarf! Think about the very first thing you want to grab when you look outside in the morning and can already feel your body freeze over. Okay yes, your fluffiest blanket might be number one, but right up next would be a buttery soft scarf! Not only are scarves essential for keeping you bundled up, but they’re often one of the most immediate aspects that people will notice about your outfit!

In preparation for new inventory in 2019, we’re excited to announce that we now have beautiful, balmy scarves up for grabs! We’ve had great success with our Cashmere Poncho, which doubles as a wrap scarf, but it was time to introduce some new items to the family! To give you a play by play of this state-of-the-art snugness, we have three new cashmere blend scarves as well as three irresistible infinity scarves.

First up is the Cashmere Blend Patterned Scarf. Just basic enough in black and white, but also an eye-catching addition to any winter look! Made with 50% Nepalese cashmere and 50% Nepalese wool, you’ll swear you’ve never felt something so soft!

Next is the Cashmere Blend Solid Scarf in beige. This is truly a scarf you can throw on and not have to think twice about! It’ll look effortlessly chic with almost any color palette or print in your wardrobe. A true essential!

And then there’s the Cashmere Blend Striped Scarf, one of my personal favorites! Such an incredible combination of simplicity and statement, this scarf is a go-to for anyone in need of a staple piece to get all wrapped up in. The tri-color stripe can pull together any look…try it out, I dare you 😉.

Heading into the infinity scarves, we have the Infinity Knit Scarf in tonal grey. Talk about wearing a fluffy blanket, this baby will definitely keep you warm and cozy! Wear it inside out for a different pattern (did someone say versatility?).

Looking for a more lightweight and breathable option? The Infinity Printed Scarf is for you! With an intricate London themed print, a scarf like this brings just the right amount of pizazz to an understated outfit!

Last but not least, we have the Infinity ZigZag Scarf, a spunky supplement to your scarf collection! Loop it around once or twice and you’re ready to conquer your day in comfort and style.


With the holiday season in mind, a scarf is the perfect present to get any woman if I do say so myself 😏. I’ve never seen a girl receive a scarf and be upset about it!  With all scarves in a more than reasonable price range, you might as well stock up for all the ladies in your life 🤷.

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