Our Top Workout Songs Spring 2018

I have two words for you. Bikini. Season. Those two words are enough to elicit a visceral reaction of panic in most of us. I don’t know about you, but this exceptionally rough winter has really taken a toll on the regularity of my exercise. I mean, sure shoveling snow is pretty good work out, but it’s nothing compared to a well-rounded routine at the gym! If you’re feeling a tad unprepared for the summer, you’re not alone. Trying that bizarre, yet convincing diet you just saw on the cover of a magazine while waiting in line at the grocery store might not cut it (sorry). For now, let’s focus on good, old-fashioned exercise. Last week we talked about achieving goals, so if getting back into shape is one yours, here are a few songs to help you along in the process!

1. Whippin by Kiiara and Felix Snow
Annah’s Pick
Okay, we all know that a good work out requires a substantial amount of badassery. Feeling like a boss is what’s going to push you to do those extra reps or miles. Whippin is just the anthem for this mindset. With some sick electric beats, and a steady rhythm, you’ll be amped up for feeling the burn!

2. Solo Dance by Martin Jensen
Angela’s (first) Pick
Yes, Ang gets two picks, she’s the boss after all! Solo Dance is another rhythmic song that’s sure to boost the reading on your badass barometer. The song makes me think of how empowering it is to have complete independence and control, a feeling that can carry me through any workout! I think this particular song lends itself well with a nice spin/lift routine.

3. Kamikaze by MØ
Lauren’s Pick
I like doing HIIT workouts and I love a good spin class, but running is my go-to. Having a killer playlist is especially important when I’m banging out a few miles and really need to keep my stamina up. Every time Kamikaze comes in rotation on my running playlist, it always gives me a shot of adrenaline. I don’t know if it’s the funky flute and sax instrumental in the background or the EDM-like build up and drop, but the song definitely gets my blood pumping!
4. X by Kendrick Lamar (ft. ScHoolboy Q, 2 Chainz & Saudi)
Chad’s Pick
Alright, Kenrick Lamar is a team favorite at Anjé when it comes to workout songs. It’s actually been proven that certain genres of music are most conducive to certain types of exercise. According to research carried out by sports psychologist Dr. Costas Karageorghis, rap music is best suited for stretching and running. The song X is no exception to this!

5. All The Stars by Kendrick Lamar and SZA
Angela’s (second) Pick
Although Angela prefers working out to Tone It Up and PopSugar (which both already have music going in the background), when she gets the chance to choose her music, All The Stars is a definite! With a pop/rap fusion sound, the song is perfect for blasting through your speaker and getting into the zone!


So now that you’ve got your spring workout playlist started, the only thing you still need is some great athleisure gear, of course! Check out our Modal Loungers and Modal Racerback Tank and have a happy workout 😊! 

P.s. – check out last year’s top workout songs too!


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