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Aaahhh, the birds are chirping, the skies are blue, Spring is in the air. You know what this means, right? Bikini season is right around the corner. It’s okay, step away from whatever crazy fad diet you just googled. You're better than that. As long as you eat right and incorporate a little workout into your schedule a few times a week, you’ll be fine! No workout would be possible without the right music to go along with it! In honor of coming out of the hibernation of winter and prepping for some hard-core working out, the Anjé team present you with our top workout songs of the season! 
1. The Greatest (ft. Kendrick Lamar) – Sia
Angela's pick
"I got stamina!" She walks around singing it like a crazy woman and insists stamina is one of the keys to success... But seriously, who doesn’t want Sia serenading them about how they’re the greatest while burning major calories? The lyrics in the song literally tell you, “don’t give up”. We could all use a little pep talk like that in the midst of prepping for bikini season, right? (But Ang, c'mon)

2. Humble - Kendrick Lamar
Chad's pick
Because being Humble is much more attractive than pretentious. Stay centered and grounded in the mind while you move and bounce your body listening to Kendrick's layered lyrics and sick beats. 

3. Roses (ft. ROZES) – The Chainsmokers
Annah's pick

We all know this super catchy song that blew up last year because it was impossible to turn on a pop station without eventually running into it! The Chainsmokers are having a great year between Roses and their mega-hit, Closer (another great one to workout to). Nevertheless, the beat drop in. Roses will have you dropping minutes off of your mile for sure!

4. La Mirada Umoji Remix - Nicola Cruz
Vanessa's pick
Not a gym goer? Listen to these tunes as you stroll through the park or do what you do. The sounds from this Ecuadorian artist are oozing with chill vibes...just like our girl, V!
5. Sorry – Beyoncé
Lauren’s pick

This song gets my blood pumping because it reminds me of every jerk I’ve ever encountered! We all have that one ex whose face we pretend is the punching bag
during kickboxing class, right? Well, Sorry will definitely amp up your right hook to the... punching bag ;).
So there you have it! A few songs to add to your workout playlist this Spring, whether you’re running a marathon, sweating it out in a workout class, or out-lifting the meatheads at the gym!

Have a song that should’ve made the list?
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