Our Secret to a World Class Wardrobe

We all know the people who turn heads with their strikingly stylish looks. It’s as though they never run out of creativity or clothes. Every time you see them, they’re just rocking a new, fabulous look…and maybe you’re that person! Regardless, we’re all looking for ways to spice up our wardrobes without breaking the bank. Our go-to source? THRIFTING! 

And what a coincidence, today is National Thrift Shop Day 😉. We love thrifting for many reasons. Firstly, it’s sustainable! If you remember from our post back in 2018, the fashion industry produces A LOT of pollution (especially in textile waste). Thrifting allows the lifecycle of each garment to be extended significantly, which leads to a happier planet. 

We also love thrifting because it’s hella affordable! If you’re going to try a new trend or go on a shopping spree, you might as well pay a heavily discounted price on your spoils! The risk is a lot lower if you end up having buyer’s remorse about whatever you buy. With that being said, more “vintage-oriented” shops tend to jack up the prices quite a bit. That’s why we’ve done some field research for you and have compiled a list of our top thrift stores that are affordable and bursting with treasure! 

This is your quintessential second hand superstore! You can find vintage, as well as contemporary pieces there. They even have full sections for homegoods, childrenswear, and mens! Did we mention they run one of the most robust recycling and upcycling programs in the world and stand firmly in support of the circular economy? 

Buffalo Exchange 
Whereas at Savers people donate their clothes, at Buffalo Exchange you can bring your clothes in to sell! This means the selection is definitely more curated and also a little more pricey (but not by too much, think $10-40 for a nice dress). There are six locations scattered around NYC, but I’d recommend the one in Midtown near FIT - all the fashion students sell their clothes there, so you can really find some great gems! 

You can find Goodwill stores anywhere in NYC and the tri-state area. With a very similar business model as Savers, Goodwill stores have a large selection of clothing and home items for super cheap. You’ll need to devote some time to digging through it all, but that’s half the fun, right? 

Beacon’s closet 
This shop is the most curated out of all of the ones on this list, but I’d put it in the same class as Buffalo Exchange. With a few locations around NYC you’ll be sure to find swanky vintage and modern pieces! 

Plato’s Closet 
I saved the best for last here, because this is by far my favorite thrift store. It has the business model and curation of Beacon’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange at the price points of Savers and Goodwill. In fact, there aren’t any locations directly in NYC, but any time I’m on Long Island it’s one stop I always have to make. This past weekend I got an Eli Tahari dress for $1 during a 90% off clearance sale! Need I say anymore? 


Have you been thrifting before? Where are your go-to spots? Let us know by commenting below! 

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