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I know what’s on your mind. It's the only thing on any of our minds these days. How can I satiate this burning travel itch as soon as possible?! Be honest here, how many tabs do you have open that have to do with a trip in the works? Now that so many of us are #vaxedandwaxed it’s time to finally put our PTO to good use and go travel somewhere...anywhere! And because it’s been a while since we’ve all done this, we understand that you might feel a bit rusty. The good news is that we’ve got your clothing covered for every leg of your journey. Take a peek below for your outfit itinerary! 

Airborne or Car Bound
You might be flying or you might be road tripping it. Either way, the transit part of your trip is when you need comfort the most. Your fit needs to be functional, but we can ensure that it’ll also be fab. This is where our Modal Racerback Tank and Golden Lotus Leggings come into play. Pair those with your comfy sandals or sneakers and you have a look that’ll allow you to haul all your luggage, while still turning heads with your glamour. 

This is the part of your trip that is ostensibly super profound and soul-searchy, but in all reality is characterized by lots of walking and super achy feet...we’ve all been there. This time, let’s find you something aesthetic and comfy! Oh! Something like our Silk Tee and our Slouchy Silk Pant with a fly pair of kicks. Throw on a backpack so your scoliosis doesn’t get any worse and you’re ready to explore and sight see! 

The Nice Dinner Out 
Regardless of what kind of trip you’re going on, it’s an inevitable truth that you’ll need an outfit for that one night you have a nice dinner planned. The Cutout Dress is our go to here. Pair it with your highest wedges and funkiest earrings and you’ll be bound to steal the show in any city! 

Becoming One with Nature 
If your trip involves any kind of hike (we’re counting nature walks here too!), then you’ve come to the right place. Throw on our Golden Lotus Lounge Shorts and our Golden Lotus Padded Sports Bra. Toss on your sneakers and get movin’ girl! 

Achieving Mermaid Status 
Whether it’s a pool, a beach, or the damn sprinklers, we could all use a little fun in the sun this summer. And anytime you’re wearing a bathing suit, you’ll also need a coverup as you transition from the water back to your other plans. Our Shirt Dress is the way to go here! Wear it unbuttoned with your bathing suit underneath for an easy breezy cardigan look. Or tie the bottom at your waist and wear some jean shorts. And of course you can still wear it buttoned up as a dress too! Slip on some sandals, your beach hat, and get your hair as wavy as you can. Mermaid status unlocked.  


Where are you heading this summer? Which Anjé pieces are you bringing along for the ride? Let us know by commenting below! 

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