One, Two, Three Fourth of July Looks

Pop quiz. Who has the biggest birthday banger every year? Nope, it’s not Perez Hilton, although he might be a close second. It’s the one and only United Sates of America! Come on, not even Perez has hundreds of fireworks shows every year. Hear a grill sizzling or revel in the savory smell of burgers and dogs and you can instantly be transported to all the Fourth of Julys past. No work, no worries, nothing but good vibes all around! But before you can attend any star-spangled soirée, you’ll need the perfect patriotic outfit…

Rockets Red Flair
Classy with a touch of spunk, this look features our new Front Zip Linen Dress with Baublebar Dex Resin Hoop Earrings in navy and Straw Studios Nat Pom Pom Tote. Finish it all off with Giella’s Rocket Red lipstick and this is how you do red white and blue in an elegant, understated way!

Freedom Fresh
Get ready to turn heads…even away from the annual hot dog eating contest (so gross, but so mesmerizing)! Our Wide Leg Trousers in navy and Silk Tee in white are the perfect base for some all-American attire. Aldo’s Orlandopark summer scarf with their Snowbellx bag (which can be worn as a fanny pack or a crossbody!), and Alaska mules, make for a firecracker of an outfit!

Sartorial Sparkler
Last up is our ever versatile V-Neck Slip Dress in white paired with Baublebar Sahari Raffia Drop Earrings, Aldo Kardori bucket bag, and Ybaolla slide sandals. A casual, yet chic ensemble that would make our founding fathers proud 😌.

Now that you’ve got your outfit all in order, check out our Fourth of July starter pack article for everything else you need to ensure a successful birthday bash 😉. And of course, share your liberating looks with us @anjeclothing. Happy Fourth of July, everyone! 🎆

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