OH! MY! GAWD. A Review of The Friends Experience

Could this *be* more exciting? 

Between the Friends reunion airing back in May and the never ending nostalgia trend, Friends has been garnering even more attention than it usually does...I mean, can you believe Ross and Rachel were almost a thing in real life?! Whether you’ve seen every episode dozens of times or you’ve only watched a few, you’ve definitely heard of the Friends phenomenon and you’ve likely bought into the (very warranted) hype! 

Following along with the craze, this past weekend I finally made it to The Friends Experience - The One in New York City. Located in the Flatiron District right at 130 East 23rd Street, this immersive exhibition had opened for a month back in 2019 and just reopened this past March. Each ticket was $62 and included access to 18 different rooms with plenty of photo opportunities and memorabilia from the show. Yes, that includes Monica and Rachel’s apartment, Chandler and Joey’s apartment, the orange couch in front of the fountain, the Pivot! scene, and so much more!

Naturally, I had to do this with my friends, and just for you, I asked them to all rate the experience on a scale of one to ten, ten being amazing. For some context, Dani, Janine, and I are all pretty average Friends fans, Brittany hasn’t seen much of the series at all, and Becca is a die-hard Friends fanatic. To be completely honest, we all went in with pretty low expectations and fully thought we’d be disappointed at the end. With that being said, here are our ratings: 

Me - 8
Becca - 9
Dani - 8
Janine - 8.5
Brittany - 8 

Overall the experience was absolutely worth it! However, it lost points here and there for a few reasons. First and foremost, $62 is a small fortune to pay for an hour or two in any exhibit, no matter how great it is. The $40-50 range would’ve been much more palatable. We also thought it could’ve used more props to take pictures with. Maybe some Central Perk coffee mugs at the very least? And lastly, it wasn’t overly crowded, but they could’ve done a better job of spacing parties out so no one would have to worry about other people getting in their pictures.


What were we pleasantly surprised about? Firstly, the exhibit wasn’t just clean, it was Monica clean. A very clever way to highlight the mask requirement in between photos and the abundance of hand sanitizer around. And despite how expensive the tickets were, at least the professional photos were baked into the price. Other immersive experiences either make you pay for photos at the end or don’t have a professional set up in place, forcing you to rely on the mercy of your phone camera. The exhibit was truly well done and had so much detail to it - you really feel like you’re on set! In a way it feels like visiting your actual friend’s apartment, it was all so familiar. 

So is The Friends Experience worth it? In me and my friends’ opinions, yes. Even if you’re not a superfan you’ll have a good time. If nothing else, it’ll certainly make you want to binge the whole show when you get home! 

Friends fan? Yay or nay? Have you been to the exhibit yourself? Let us know by commenting below! 

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