NYC Coffee Shops That’ll Quell Your Caffeine Craving

When that wall hits, it hits you hard. It hits you with a Muhammad Ali caliber punch, and at that point you know the only thing that can possibly get you through the day is a good old dose of caffeine. Sure you could always pop into a Dunkin or a Starbucks, but for those of us who are already seasoned coffee drinkers, Dunkin and Starbs may feel a little played out. If you’ve got an itch for adventure and want to switch up or enhance your caffeine intake experience, check out a few of these noteworthy coffee shops in NYC.

1. Happy Bones
This chic little coffee shop makes one mean cappuccino! Its posh, all-white interior is not only pleasing to the eye, but to your Instagram grid as well. I went there one ill-fated day when I was running on 2.5 hours of sleep, and one cappuccino really did make my bones a little happier. Make sure you check out their tortoise shell spoons – I regret not buying one!

2. Blue Bottle

Looking for quality? This is the place. Baristas make fresh cups to order, and let me tell you – you can really taste the difference. With locations all over the city, stumbling across a Blue Bottle café won’t be too hard. And if you fall in love with their coffee, you can sign up for a “coffee subscription” and have the coffee beans delivered straight to your door!  

3. Bluestone Lane
I swear there’s not  a blue theme going on here, but Bluestone Lane is on my list of coffee shops to try out! This Australian style café seems to be bursting with flavor! Again, there are plenty of locations around the city, but there are also locations in San Fran, D.C., Pennsylvania, new Jersey, and LA – so you’ve got no excuse not to give it a try 😉.

Picture via @bluestonelanecoffee

4. Mud coffee
Feeling groovy? Mud coffee won’t only satisfy your caffeine fix, but your craving for an escape from the hustle and bustle that Manhattan can bring. Sink into the earthy tones of Mudspot (as the café is endearingly called), and enjoy some brunch (served all day) while you’re at it! Nestled in the East Village, Mud Coffee is an irresistible gem!

5. Maman
Holy gorgeous. This place looks like your Instagram grid’s greatest fantasy. With its ornate blue floral patterned cups and plates, coupled with its pastoral décor, Maman is a fantastic place for a cup of coffee and some pristine pictures. Better yet, Maman hosts workshops, classes, and creative events, so be sure to pencil a few into your calendar!

Picture via @_mamnnyc_


I need caffeine. You need caffeine. We all need our caffeine. But from here on out, let’s venture away from the huge chain companies – get some pep in your step by quelling your caffeine craving in style.

Any suggestions for must-try coffee shops? Let us know! @anjeclothing

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