Nothing Like a Long Island Brunch

We all love a good brunch, don’t we? A chance to sleep in, an excuse to indulge in savory and sweet all in the same meal, and of course the occasional bottomless bellinis deal. But I do have a one qualm about the brunch phenomenon that has won our hearts and our social feeds - NYC brunch spots get all the limelight! We all overlook the fact that brunch on Long Island is pretty banging...and I swear I’m not just saying this because I’m a native lawn-guy-lander 😉.  Whether you’re visiting the island for a beach day or spending some time out in the Hamptons, you’re bound to crave brunch. And let me tell you, there’s nothing like a Long Island brunch!

Crazy Beans
This local diner chain features three locations across the island, but my favorite is tucked away in the beautiful town of Stoneybrook. With a retro ambience and an affordable, delicious menu, you won’t be disappointed. But don’t leave until you choose from endless flavor combinations to create a custom latte! Pro-tip: the Stoneybrook location is right across the street from a super cool nature preserve called Avalon Park, so be sure to walk through it after brunch to prevent a food coma!

Soul Brew
Some of the best roasted potatoes I’ve ever had live here, in this cozy little nook of an eatery in St. James. Fully equipped with plush couches and plenty of flavor, you’ll be feeding your body and soul 😌. I’d recommend the rainbow cookie latte and the Feelin’ Tot Burrito…and if you’re too full to finish, just give me a ring.

Maureen’s Kitchen
Holy cow…literally! This sweet, cow-themed spot in Smithtown is well worth the trip from anywhere! It’s cash only, and the last time I went they also had no wifi, fostering a true blast from the past experience. Anything on the menu is a win, but the Oreo pancakes? Now that’s a moo-ve 😉.

This place is unlike any brunch establishment you’ve been to before. With a bright and airy interior and a menu that will make your mouth water, it’s a brunch Mecca. If you couldn’t tell by now from the pictures, I have a bit of a sugar addiction. These pancakes from Hatch were able to momentarily satiate my sweet tooth, and that’s saying a lot.  Right on Main Street in Huntington, it’s prime location…and did I mention they have a great mural to take pics in front of?

Sweet Mama’s
Last, but certainly not least is this 1950’s inspired diner with locations in Northport and Stonybrook. If you’re looking for taste-bud tingling comfort food, this is your place. I went with the Funky Monkey french toast a few years ago and I’ve looked at this picture to relive the experience more times than I’d like to admit.


Now that all of our stomachs are rumbling, where’s your favorite brunch spot? Throw some names at us…the only rule is that it can’t be located in Manhattan 😉.

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