Marketing 102 – You’ve Created Your Personal Brand…Now What?

Congratulations! You’ve passed Marketing 101 (with flying colors, of course), where we delved into what a personal brand is, and how to cultivate your own. You may very well be the type of woman who already knows who she is, and has a strong sense of identity, but nevertheless, now that you’ve fine-tuned your personal brand, you may be asking yourself, “what’s next?” Well, have no fear, class is in session once again! Here are my top three tips for using and growing your personal brand! 

1. Stalk yourself a little
Yes, this tip could’ve been introduced in a less creepy way, but where’s the fun in that? What I mean is that you should do an audit of your brand as it is right now. Go ahead, google yourself! What are the first few links that pop up when you google your name? Are they in line with your personal brand? It’s important to view yourself through the lens of other people from time to time so you can ensure that your personal brand represents what you’ve decided you want it to.
I’m not trying to sound like your mom here, but what you put out there on the enigmatic World Wide Web really does affect the way people see you…AND your personal brand! So maybe you googled yourself and were disappointed with the results. To increase your search engine optimization (known as SEO), you can create your own website, or even start your own blog (I hear bloggers are pretty cool ;)). This is a great way to get your ideas and personality out there because remember, your identity is shaped by your behavior off and online. If you’re interested in starting a website or blog, check out!

2. Consistency is key
This is super important, especially dovetailing off of the last tip. As we discussed last week, a good brand evokes certain emotions, and brings to mind certain characteristics. Keeping your brand consistent will reinforce the emotions and characteristics you want people to associate you with. This means that you should maintain a level of uniformity in everything spanning from your color scheme and typeface to the voice and diction of your writing. These elements should be consistent across all of your social media platforms (LinkedIn is the exception, as it should definitely be the most professional), your business cards, your resume, your website, etc. You want to give someone the same “vibe” no matter where they’re seeing your personal brand.
3. Nurture your network
I think this is the most underrated tip out there! We all know that networking is important, but now that you’ve got your personal brand in order, when you share it with people through networking, they’ll have a better understanding of how to help you achieve your goals! Building relationships with people in your industry is über useful in growing your brand even more. Exposing yourself to the right industry influencers is also key. Industry influencers are the prominent, important people within your field (aka – the people you should be following on social media). You can engage with these influencers by retweeting them, commenting on a post of theirs, shooting them a message, etc. Either way, exposing yourself to pertinent information, and blending it into your online identity will definitely amp up your personal brand.
Nurturing your network isn’t just about connecting with people online, though. Getting yourself involved with groups in your community that share similar values to those of your personal brand will also lead you to find like-minded people who can help you foster your goals, and thrive in whatever industry you’re in. Check out one of our past blog posts for more info on how to become networking savvy!


 Now that you’ve got your PhD in personal branding, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Go get ‘em, Anjéls!

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