Manifesting 101

Do you feel it? That sweet sense of hope and excitement for what’s to come? Yes! Embrace it because it is now 2021 baby! Okay, while the world isn’t totally changed just because it’s a new calendar year, we’re all rooting for 2021 to somehow redeem the past 365 we’ve had. But instead of living our lives on autopilot, there are ways we can influence our fate. By now, you’ve probably heard about the Law of Attraction and how we can manifest whatever we want into our lives from the universe. It may seem like a load of hippie dippie crap at first to be completely honest, but what it comes down to is emitting positive energy and being clear about what we want out of our lives. If you’re curious about it and want to kick off the year feeling empowered, read on!

How it works
The Law of Attraction is backed up by String Theory and Quantum Mechanics which highlight that everything is energy, energy cannot be destroyed or created (only transferred), and energy is vibrational. So when you match the vibrational frequency of something, it’ll come into your life. Imagine that you’re a radio tower putting out a signal for a certain station – the songs that play on your radio receiver are the things that you manifest into your life!

Your emotions are key
Our vibrational reality is made up of our thoughts and emotions, which hold different vibrational frequencies. For example, feelings like peace, love, and joy hold higher frequencies than emotions like shame, guilt, and apathy. This is why it’s important to pay attention to your moods and emotions – even if you don’t make a conscious effort to manifest, you’re still attracting things that match your emotions and thoughts all the time!

Fake it till you make it…kinda
At the most basic level, the best way to properly manifest something is to channel how you’ll feel once you achieve or receive it. It’s almost like faking it until you make it, except here, you really have to believe that this thing is already yours and it’s just on its way. So feel grateful and excited, just as you would if it had already happened!

Visualize and affirm
There are other ways to help get you on the right frequency. You can make a vision board as well as listen to affirmations! Hearing yourself say your affirmations is supposedly the quickest way for your subconscious to intake them and spit them out to the universe, so go ahead and listen to a recording of you running through your affirmations each day. Just remember to state everything in the present tense as if you already have it. For example, “I’m so grateful to be working my dream job” instead of “I hope soon I’ll land my dream job.”

A couple of best practices
It’s usually a good idea to avoid thinking about what you don’t want. Instead, just focus on how you’ll feel when you receive whatever it is that you’re trying to manifest. It’s also best to avoid being super specific. Steer away from trying to manifest specific number amounts for instance, or getting job offer at a particular company.

 It might not work instantly
Keep in mind that technically, manifestation is not the goal - it’s simply the byproduct of being aligned with our higher selves (still hippie dippie, I know). So don’t get attached to the outcome and don’t let your happiness be conditional, because there’s no set timeframe for when your manifestations will show up in your life. Just keep the positive energy up!


Are you feeling the good vibes?
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Let us know you’re experiences with manifesting by commenting below!  It’s going to be a great year! ✨

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