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Hide your kids. Hide your wife. It’s another article about Manhattan eats brought to you by a simple wannabe foodie! First of all, I’ll dispel any notions you might have of me actually knowing how to photograph food. If an image looks like it was taken by famished hands seconds before they tore into the very food being photographed, it’s because it was. However, just as in the last edition, A Big Apple Food Binge, I’ve personally eaten at all of the restaurants I’ll list here, and will be giving my most honest opinion! Buckle up those taste buds, because we’re Manhattan Munchin’!

1. Foragers Table
Think of a classic, artsy brunch place that serves up super healthy farm-to-table options and you have the Foragers Table! Located in the heart of Chelsea, this joint is perfect for those looking for an elevated dining experience. I wouldn’t go if you’re looking for a cheap deal, but it’s 100 percent worth it if you’re willing to splurge!  There’s a little market attached to the restaurant with very healthy (and very expensive) groceries. Cute to look around and indulge, but I wouldn’t make it your weekly grocery run.

2. Dutch Fred’s

My friends and I stumbled across this place before going to a Broadway show, and we were all pleasantly surprised! It’s most known for its drinks, but we went for brunch, which is served on Saturdays and Sundays between 11am and 3pm. I got the Breakfast Flatbread and it was honestly heavenly. But aside from the incredible food, the ambience of this place was out of this world! They had live, mellow music and the interior was supremely designed!

3. Nutella Café
Let me tell you, I had BIG expectations for this one. As a diagnosed Nutella addict, my pilgrimage to the newly opened Nutella Café near Union Square was inevitable. It wasn't terribly packed when I went on a Friday night, and there definitely were endless options to quench a Nutella craving. Despite the jacked-up prices, however, I think there was a missed opportunity for the café to really be an experience. I would’ve loved to see more Nutella photo-ops or décor, but then again, my standards are a bit insatiable when it comes to anything Nutella related 🤷.

4. Toloache
It’s a buggy bug world out there, but especially in Toloache 😉! I ventured to this place with the full intention of eating some insects, an unlikely quest for someone who screams and runs at the sight of anything that poses a threat of crawling. I decided to try out the Chapulines Tacos (aka GRASSHOPPER Tacos). Listen, taking that first bite was one of the most counter-intuitive things I’ve ever done, but once I started chewing, I experienced a strong bout of cognitive dissonance…grasshoppers taste delicious! Very crunchy, a bit salty, but overall an enjoyable taste, and an even better story! I’d highly recommend one of Toloache’s three locations if you’re feeling adventurous, and even if you’re not, they serve plenty of non-insect-based dishes!

5. Melt Shop
Last, but not least, this comfort food spot is truly a gem! With a few locations scattered around Manhattan, it’s not terribly difficult to stumble across one. Even just walking by commences a kind of gravitational pull. With a playful array of grilled cheeses, chicken melts, burger melts, and so on, you’ll be happy you treated yourself to a quick bite!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Have you eaten anywhere worthwhile lately? Give us a taste of what you’ve been munching on @anjeclothing !

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