Lights, Camera, Anjé!

Behind the scenes of our latest campaign video :) 

A little over two weeks ago, members of the Anjé team got together to produce Anjé’s next campaign video, highlighting the core values of this beloved company, along with the important work that we do with The Kota Alliance. From the shenanigans to the successes, here’s a behind the scenes look at the adventure of a day!


7:00am – FiDi

The Financial district, otherwise known as FiDi (rhymes with tie-dye), is where we began our journey. Try not to laugh too hard at my hand-drawn Snapchat map above, but as you can see, we made five major stops throughout the day. The Financial District was the first stop, all the way at the bottom! The team assembled around 7:00am and got straight to business, there was no time for bull (okay maybe a little, hehe).

 We had a timeline for the day, and with a complex operation like ours, the last thing we wanted to do was get behind schedule so early on in the day! We started with lots of footage in an office space on Broadway, and then got a few shots in a really gorgeous park near the water (pro-tip: keep your eyes open so you don’t get run over by a bicyclist).

11:30am – Soho

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Soho, I want you to picture stores and shops galore, a bunch of cute eateries, and a whole lot of well-dressed people. As you can imagine, this was the perfect spot to continue filming the video. However, with a tight schedule, and an outfit change needing to happen, we were left trying to scope out a changing spot. Angela, our founder / designer / super badass fashion ninja, managed to finagle her way into changing in the back of an ice cream truck. Now, I want you to know that it was a scorching hot day, and the drops of sweat were definitely rolling down all of our backs, so this maneuver was particularly skillful on Angela’s part.

By about 1:00pm we were all eagerly awaiting our delicious food at the Grey Dog!

2:15pm – The Cadillac House

After a rejuvenating lunch, our next stop was the Cadillac House, an über cool art, coffee shop, retail, and public work space all rolled into one! For real, this place had a really awesome vibe, and is totally worth checking out if you’re in the Soho area! The retail facet was chiefly intriguing, as the retail space is devoted to one designer to decorate, and showcase collections for four months out of the year. And how does a designer get into this space, you ask? They’re appointed by the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America). Come on, I can’t be the only one who thinks Anjé would rock the space, right? The Cadillac House is also where we met with the fabulous founder and president of The Kota Alliance, Jaana Rehnström. Peep Jaana and Angela talking business in the video ;).

3:30pm – Washington Square Park

By about 3:30pm, we were fanning ourselves cool in Washington Square Park, as we caught great shots by the famous Washington Square Arch. After a few quick takes, and some tempting encounters with ice cream carts, we were back on the subway heading towards our final spot, embracing the heat-prompted delirium!

 4:30pm – Midtown

Somehow it was suddenly 4:30pm and we found ourselves in Midtown, filming the final shots of the day! The streets were bustling to say the least, as we landed in the beginnings of New York City rush hour. A few takes of Angela strutting her stuff, and we were set! We successfully ended the shoot right in front of the Empire State building, and all made it home to take ice cold showers!  


That’s a wrap! Keep an eye out for the video coming soon!

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